10 Browser-Based SEO Extensions That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Search engine optimization is absolutely necessary to make a website or blog visible on search engine result pages. The rule is pretty simple for survival in a crowded virtual world. Get a rank in top 20-30 results on SERPs or forget about revenue generation. There are millions of websites out there and if the target audience doesn’t find a site using the relevant keyword, they will never visit it.

Website owners have realized the importance of proper search engine optimization after Google’s two major updates, Panda and Penguin.  Some of the big players in the web world lost their position and ran hurriedly to the SEO companies for help.

Whether you work in an SEO company or own a website, you should always search for tools that can make the optimization tasks simpler and help you maintain the top spot on SERPs. With the constant changes in search algorithms, Google wants to make the Internet spam free.

We use browsers to open websites, but do you know that most reputed browsers offer plenty of extensions for better usability? In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you can find extensions related to weather, dictionary and much more. In fact, there are dozens of SEO extensions available as well. You can add them to your browser anytime to make the website optimization process hassle free.

However, too much of anything can create confusion. If you search inside extension directory of any browser, dozens and dozens of results will appear. Therefore, it’s important to know which are really useful and which can be avoided. Let’s take a look at the top ten SEO browser extensions of 2013.

 Google PageSpeed Insights:

This extension is available on both Chrome and Firefox. You can use it regularly to check your website’s speed and get tips on how to make it speedier. Make sure that your score is not lower than 75 and try to achieve above 90 as that’s considered an excellent score.


Available for both Firefox and Chrome users. It’s developed by Yahoo and scoring 90 is equally tough here. In order to get a good score, you must follow some standard SEO practices such as Minify CSS and java, CDN, CSS sprites and many more.


This is a very popular toolbar created by people behind world famous site SEOmoz (now Moz.com). It analyzes your website’s page content, link data, attributes and lots of other things for optimization and helps you connect with other SEOmoz tools.

SEO Doctor:

Available only on Firefox, but its features will mesmerize you. It immediately notifies you about any problem in your site and exhibits site and link structure. It often finds some crucial errors and helps you make the website better.

SEO for Chrome:

It’s for Chrome users only and I have seen many webmasters shift into Chrome platform just to utilize the benefits offered by this extension.  It offers you statistics to guide your SEO strategy. It notifies you immediately when your page rank increases or decreases, shows the total number of backlinks in your site and social media share improvements.

Foxy SEO Tools:

This open source toolbar is available for Firefox and it’s the ultimate SEO extension. It has all the features that an SEO professional or web analyst look for.

Meta SEO Inspector:

This is a pretty handy tool that lets you quickly glance at all the meta data of a web page. It also shows up no follow information, microformats and scripts on the page.

Check My Links:

Broken links can confuse Google and users, but when you have a large website, featuring thousands of pages, it’s not possible to search for broken links manually. This Chrome extension is perfect for searching broken links on a page without any manual effort.


It helps you discover any information regarding the website domain and also provide data about server, traffic, DNS records, Whois and HTTP headers.

Goo.gl URL Shortener:

Want to share your website links on Twitter for social media optimization? This the ideal URL squeezing tool for your tweets. Make any link shorter and share via Twitter to bring the traffic to your website.

 These are some tools and extensions that have helped me a lot as an SEO. Are there any other, lesser-known Google add-ons that you use on a daily basis? Please share your experience in the comments!

Author Bio: 

Rajveer Singh Rathore is a technical fanatical and a Particular Author working with SEO First Page. I love to spend some time studying about the most latest digital marketing trends news. SEO First provides best online marketing Services that help companies to improve traffic and business leads.

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