10 Essential Gadgets All Travelers Should Own!!

Whether you are heading off on a relaxing vacation, or you are backpacking around Europe, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Here are 10 essential blogger gadgets all travelers should own:

1. A smartphone

When abroad, smartphones can easily act as your lifeline. In addition to providing multiple ways to communicate, they also offer a range of apps you can use to make getting around easier. For example, you could download the Yelp! app to find the nearest restaurant. If you are looking for a budget smartphone, you can always take advantage of any newegg promo code.

2. Ultra light netbook

Unlike standard laptops, ultra light netbooks are super-portable, yet come with all the essentials like WiFi connectivity and document writing software. A netbook is essential for those who need to stay in touch with home while away and is great for dedicated travel bloggers.

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3. Worldwide Plug Adapter

As any keen traveler knows, it is hard to explore the world and find the same plug socket in each place. A worldwide plug adapter will guarantee you are able to charge all of your gadgets, no matter where you are.

4. Digital Camera

No trip is worth going on, if you can’t bring back plenty of memories. Choose a digital camera with an SD card that can hold thousands of pictures, and if possible aim for one that is waterproof. Doing this means that you will have plenty of photos to show off when you get home.

5. Solar powered charger

If you plan on spending time camping, or you are heading to a part of the world where electricity sources are temperamental, a solar powered charger will ensure you do not get caught short. By using a solar powered charger, you can make sure all of your gadgets fulfill their purposes regardless of where you are.

6. Image stabilizing binoculars

If you are a nature lover, you will want to make sure you can see everything around you. Image stabilizing binoculars will allow you to expand your visual field and see more of your surroundings in the clearest way possible. This is a particularly vital gadget for those who are heading off on a safari.

7. Speaking language translator

While it is not possible to pack every language in the world into a gadget, having a pocket translator will help. A typical electronic language translator will offer at least 12 languages. By having the essentials like Spanish, French, Arabic, and Dutch, you stand a stronger chance of being able to communicate with those around you.

8. Secret pockets or stashing sandals

If you want somewhere to stow away your goods, try secret pockets or stashing sandals. Secret pockets are now available to sew into many garments, and stashing sandals contain stow away compartments for money and credit cards. This will limit your chance of being pick-pocketed.

9. Skype-Friendly Headphones

If you would like to keep in contact with your loved ones, buy a set of headphones designed for VOIP. Doing this will guarantee that you can have clear webchats with them, without shaky noise issues.

10. Multi tool with LED Flashlight

When combined with an LED Flashlight, multi-tools are a vital commodity for any traveler. If you are stuck somewhere without any source of light, your LED Flashlight can guide you, and your multi-tools will help you work your way through any challenge, rural or otherwise. Try to pick a set that is high-tech and well reviewed.

With the above gadgets, you should find any trip abroad a breeze. When you go on your travels, what is your must have item?

Author Bio: Laura M is a UK based student studying Medical Sciences. During her summer break, she spends most of her time traveling.

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