10 Insanely Cool Ways to Use Your Smartphone

The influx of smartphones has quite effectively overrun our society. Everywhere you look, you’re bound to find someone texting on their gleaming touch screen. New phones are constantly in development and released each year, and while many people fail to utilize the full potential of their phones, there are a lot of stellar ways to make the most of your investment.

Smartphone, Cool Ways to Use Your Smartphone

10 Insanely Cool Ways to Use Your Smartphone

 1. Music – Smartphones have a hefty data-bank that can store and download all your favorite tunes. You won’t need an MP3 player when you can just use your phone. Any of the top brands will have this function, such as Blackberry phones and the iPhone. With Bell.ca iPhone plans and other specialized plans, you can open the door to a myriad of opportunities.

 2. Exercise – Okay, it doesn’t sound that fun initially, but if you’ve been looking for a way to motivate your body into a sweaty frenzy, smart phone apps are the way to go. There are apps that will track miles walked, calories burned and more. You can also find particular programs, like Couch-2-5K, which will give you the structure you need without the trainer.

 3. Cashier – One of the most recent developments in smartphone technology is a device that connects to your phone so that you can swipe credit cards. It’s a great tool for anyone starting their own business.

 4. Remote – Now, most smartphones can be affixed with a simple infrared attachment that will allow you to toggle practically any electronic device on and off. Car remotes can be used in a similar fashion.

 5. Measuring Tape – While not quite as accurate as a physical ruler or scale, smartphones can actually provide quick measurements for items, such as the height of a doorway, or the weight of your tube of lip balm in grams.

 6. Webcam – You don’t have to have your laptop on hand to commence a video chat with friends. Smartphones are compatible with software like Skype that will allow you to put the picture with the message.

 7. Identify Sleuth – With a handy app called Google Googles, you can snap a picture of virtually anything and Google’s search engine will identify it for you.

 8. Karaoke – For just a small fee, you can host a karaoke party with minimal equipment. All you need is your smartphone and perhaps some larger speakers to amplify your crooning.

 9. Snore Alert – If you or someone you know is snoring like an elderly bear, but refuses to admit it, there’s actually an app that was developed to detect noise as you sleep. It’ll pick up snoring and possible paranormal activity you also didn’t realize was occurring.

 10. Homemade Postcards – While digital media has taken over many relics of the past, it can still be nice to put a pencil to paper. There’s an app that will create a postcard for you and mail it in paper form with just the snap of a picture.

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