12 Best Jobs in Insurance

My office, March 2008

Insurance is a big job market, one with many new opportunities and many good jobs. There are a lot of choices for newcomers and old-timers alike, many of them are quite attractive. Below are some of the best.

Sales Agents

Sales is the largest sector of insurance. Sales agents find contacts and customers, help them choose a policy, and also market to all kinds of sectors. The median income is about 45,000, but gets much higher for senior agents.


Actuaries analyze statistics and the probabilities in order to estimate policy risks and advise companies on policies. They also can predict what resources insurance companies will need on hand, and work with Risk Managers. Their median annual pay is 83,000, but the top officers can earn up to 250,000 annually.

Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters are the first people on the ground. This job is to investigate insurance claims and analyze insurance companies’ liability. They gather evidence for court disputes and interview witnesses and experts. Their median annual income is 43,000.

Claims Examiners

After claims have been resolved, Claims Examiners make sure that everything was done according to company procedure. If there was any over- or under-paying, they correct the error. Average annual salary is around 40,000.


Underwriters enforce eligibility requirements for policies, by not giving premium policies to high risk clients, for example. However, they can also override those same requirements. Average pay is 52,000, but a senior underwriter can be paid 90,000 per year.

Marketing Representatives

These agents recruit new sales agents and contacts, and represent the company to large prospective clients. They are probably the biggest jobs in the sales department. Average income is 50,000 annually.

Workers Compensation

These workers are experts on workers compensation and monitor its granting and administration. They also usually communicate between all involved parties. They are usually paid 50,000 a year.

Life Insurance Specialist

As the name suggests, this job requires specific knowledge of life insurance. These specialists advise both clients and companies on policy choices. Their salary is 40,000 a year on average.

Customer Service

As with customer service workers in other types of businesses, customer service specialists receive customers’ comments and complaints, and help get them in touch with those who can help resolve their needs. Their average income is 38,000.

Account executive

Account executives are like sales agents from companies to companies. They often cultivate relationships with clients who will resell the agent’s employer’s packages. The median salary is 45,000, but can get up to 100,000.

Medical Coding

This job involves the payment of the medical professionals, an important job in the insurance professions. Medical Coders determine “codes” of procedures and specifically what the payment should be. They also make sure regulations and legality are followed in this regard. Annual income is on average 45,000.

Home Based Insurance Agent

Possibly the most attractive option listed, this job is a growing field, and involves more insurance sales. In this case, sales are made from home, mostly over the phone. Salary can vary based on sales, because it’s mostly based on commission, but hours are usually completely flexible.

Insurance jobs have been steadily growing, and have some of the highest job satisfaction rates around. It is a good option for anyone looking for a standard job with a good income and upward mobility.

John Eckel is a freelance blogger who writes about careers in insurance and the perks that come with them. If you would like to know more, you can visit carinsurance.org.uk.

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These specialists advise both clients and companies on policy choices...........