5 Tips for Getting A Better Mobile Phone

If you really want a great smartphone, but don’t have the budget to afford it, what can you do? As most of the fanciest and most cutting edge phones are very expensive, take note of the tip below that will help you afford a much better phone than you ever imagined.

5 Tips for Getting A Better Mobile Phone

Look For the Features You Really Want: Some of the most expensive smartphones nowadays are jammed full of features, but do you really need all of them? A good idea is to write a list of the features you really need and want from a phone and then look for a model that gives you as many of those features as possible. It doesn’t make sense to pay an extra £100 on a phone with a powerful camera or cutting edge Android software if you are never going to play games or take photographs.

Consider a Contract Phone: It can be tricky making the change from PAYG to contract phone deals, but with a pay monthly contract you will be able to pick a better mobile phone. Although there are good and bad points about either route you decide to take, it is much more economical way to take out a contract to get a phone you really want. Before signing up for a contract or buying a PAYG phone think carefully about how much you will actually use your phone and whether you have any other important things you might need money for in the future.

Always Pick the One Before The Latest Model: Although very tempting, the latest models of the bestselling and most popular mobile phones are always the most expensive. However, much like other pieces of technology, as a newer model comes out – the price of the previous model goes down. Look through the reviews of the latest mobile phones and find out which of the previous models are the best.

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Phone – Sell It!: If you are looking into buying a new mobile phone, you will not need your old one. So, rather than just throwing it away or keeping it in that drawer under your desk, consider selling your mobile phone through one of the many reputable sites such as Mazumba Mobile or Envirophone. Not only will you be helping the environment by recycling your old phone, if it is in good condition you might be able to get a nice bit of extra cash towards that brand new phone you want.

Always Consider Second Hand: A great way to get a top range mobile phone at a reasonable price is to purchase a second hand one. Always be weary though that some people selling current or recent mobile phone models may be looking to rip you off. While this is perhaps a rarity it does happen so you either have to look for a reputable seller with a good customer rating or try the phone before you buy it, if possible. There are many totally legitimate reasons why people sell new phones and even by asking around your family and friends you may be able to come into contact with someone looking for a quick sale of a new phone at a reduced price.

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