5 Top Interview Tips

By Rowena Driver – Rowena is the partner account manager at MSemploy, a specialist recruitment company for Microsoft careers, and has over 15 years of experience in getting people jobs. Here are her 5 pro tips for getting through an interview.

Are you unemployed and struggling to find full time employment, coming back to work after having long term leave or simply looking to move roles? A word of advice, it has never been more competitive then it is right now.

Companies are writing job descriptions that you think are perfect for your skills and experience; you get invited to the interview, then no call back. Your skin becomes thicker with every knock back and, all you can do is… keep trying. The problem in today’s job market is that employers are looking for the ‘perfect’ person and as we all know, there is no such thing as perfect. So, once you are invited for that all important interview, how do you become ‘perfect’?

5 Best Job Interview Tips

1. PREPARATION -Ensure you know exactly what the company does, its competitors, where it’s growing, if it’s growing, look up blogs for ‘inside’ information about them. Look at their annual reports…put it in your head that you already have the job!

2. DRESS TO IMPRESS – Ladies: be careful with low tops or short skirts. Gents: dry clean your best fitting suit – avoid ankle swingers, wear a shirt that doesn’t hurt your eyes and polish your shoes – we all subconsciously look at each other’s shoes! Ensure you feel and look comfortable inside and out, there is nothing worse than you fidgeting in front of your potential employer!

3. BODY LANGUAGE – Try and be a mirror image of your interviewer where appropriate. This relaxes them and makes them feel comfortable with you, making the whole interview a lot less formal. If they have their hands behind their head and they are just being pretty rude, I wouldn’t advise this technique!

4. CLOSE THE INTERVIEW – “Have you any concerns about me that I have not covered in my answers?” – They can then not say you didn’t answer anything fully or that you did not explain yourself and skills fully. “Do you feel I am a good fit for this position” – this is prompting them to think about how you have performed straight away, refreshing and reinforcing your performance. “When will I hear the outcome of this interview” – make it clear that you are keen to start and would like an answer (as you have other interviews lined up of course!).

5. AFTER THE INTERVIEW -If you haven’t already got a LinkedIn profile, create one, then use it to connect with your interviewer(s) adding a little message saying how great it was to meet them and that it would be fantastic to work with them in the future. This is another prompt for them to remember you!

I hope you find this useful; please comment below so I can hear how people get on and if this was of any help! The most important thing is to remember that, there are jobs out there, that one WILL come up that you’ll get. You just need to keep looking and applying every day.

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