7 Must Have Travel Gadgets For Trips

For those of us who are travel addicts there’s some gear that’s really dear to our heart. Count me on the list. In this day and age, living out of a suit case for a bit doesn’t mean you have to suffer anymore. Shopping and getting ready to travel is even half the fun! Sure the digital camera is important but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What follows are my top 7 must have Travel Gadgets for Trips. Enjoy!

Digital Camera: No surprise there, heck I even mentioned it already, but essential. Who knows what adventures you’ll miss documenting without it. Cheaper and more compact than ever if you’ve been using the same one for a while consider an upgrade. They’re neater than ever. Right now I’m using a Canon PowerShot A4000 with it’s 8x lens and I love it. Perfect combination of affordable price, great resolution and quick performance. 

Tablet Computer: I won’t be caught dead without my tablet ever while traveling. Isn’t that why you have a tablet in the first place? Perfect for keeping connected without having to lug around a laptop. Mine’s a Windows 8 running Acer Iconia that I keep a windows wireless card on too. Get’s a lot of use on the road. 

Quality Headphones:  You never know when you pick a hotel room just how noisy your neighbors may be. A good solution? Quality headphones! Some may say overkill, but I love quality sound so I pack JVC HA-RX900 over the ear headphones that I know will block out the banging next door if need be. 

Electric Razor: Don’t want to go caveman on the road do you? I sure don’t! So a electric razor is a must. I’ve used a few different brands, happily, over the past few years. My advice is find one that you like at the right price and make sure it’s in your suitcase when you leave. 

Extra Phone Chargers: I like to bring both a car charger (if I’m driving) as well as a wall charger. If I’m flying I take two wall chargers. There’s few things more annoying to not have a phone charger when you’re traveling should you need one. I know from experience. 

MP 3 Player: My MP 3 player is a constant companion especially on the road. Make sure you load it with some cool play lists too. Good music helps pass the time when you’re away from home that’s for sure. 

E Book Reader: Eliminate the need to carry reading material replacing the bulky books you’d normally bring with a E Book reader. I just picked up a Barnes and Noble Nook and I’m definitely not leaving for my next road trip without one. Come to think of it I hardly leave the house without it period. Neither should you. 

Hope you enjoyed our 7 Must Have Travel Gadgets for Trips. I’ll leave you with one last bit of advice if you’re missing or need to upgrade any of these cool items from tablet to digital camera to anywhere in between – Newegg. That’s where I do my shopping and for the price and service they can’t be beat. See you on the road! 

Author bio:

This guest post is written by Courtney Lee, a part-time blogger of all things tech. An avid traveler, Courtney encourages readers to invest in  digital camera, quality headphones, and a reliable MP3 for long road trips.

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