Advantages Of WordPress Over Other Blogging

Blogging is common-place nowadays and there are many platforms that bloggers around the world prefer to use. WordPress is perhaps the single most popular platform or Content Management Site (CMS) today, and its popularity is definitely a testimony to its quality. This popularity is boosted by several factors, chief of which is its free and open source nature. This article goes on to detail this and other pillars that explain why WordPress is the best blogging platform.

 It is free

 WordPress is totally free and open source software, and is available for download by anyone. All you have to do is to download your copy for keeps. This means that the developers of WordPress do not have any control over your content and what you use your blog for. All the authority for closing or suspending the site lies with you, the user. The developers only release periodic updates for the software for purposes of security, and you are at liberty to upgrade your version to the latest version.

 Search Engine Optimization

 When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content, no other blogging site beats this one. WordPress is structured such that all content is highly ranked and rated by search engines such as Google. That aside, it has an easy to install plug-in that can enable you to easily manage search engine optimized content, bringing a whole new angle to this feature.

 A Friendly User Interface

 The UI (User interface) design for the site is absolutely easy to use. Once you download, the software, you can easily navigate to the user interface, known as the Dashboard, and find your way around. Any newbie in the world of blogging will find it easy to use and there is no need for digging into tutorials. There are also numerous easy-to-use resources that you can use to change the appearance of your site or add other features that will be unique to your site.

 WordPress Plug-Ins

 As I have mentioned above, you can install a plug-in to enable you manage SEO content. That is not all; WordPress has a great range of plug-ins that you can adapt to your site. The plug-ins feature comes in handy when you are looking for a particular functionality that is not offered by WordPress. The plug-ins add features that make your site easier to navigate, more fun to use, operate faster and so on and are a useful resource for you even if you do not know the first thing about coding.

 These are just a few features that indicate why WordPress is an edge above other sites used for blogging. There are other features such as free themes to customize your site and its ability to support frameworks of other sites. There are thousands of themes available for free downloading online that have been developed by the WordPress community of coders.


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