Amazon Web Services And Its Alternatives

AWS (Amazon web services) is a kind of cloud computing service offered by site. This remote computing service launched in the year 2002 assists website owners in their business. You can use AWS using SOAP and REST protocols. Using Amazon web services and its alternatives provides you several advantages. Let’s see here some main advantages of using AWS and its local alternatives.

AWS Amazon

High flexibility is one of the important advantages of using AWS. It allows users to scale resources as per the demand in market. Full control feature provided by AWS services distinguishes it from other ordinary computing services. How many of you wish to receive the best cloud computing service at reasonable price? AWS acts as an all in one solution for those people who are in search of the best cloud computing service at low cost. AWS allows user to have commitments for long period of time. Here, you can pay as you use the service. Internet marketers who wish to use a safe technology platform can definitely use this Amazon service for websites.

Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 is the abbreviated form of Amazon elastic compute cloud. You can use this service of Amazon to scale the computing capacity in a specific cloud. At present, Amazon EC2 is a number one choice of web developers. It helps web developers to get complete control over computing resources. Result within fast turnaround time is one of the main features of Amazon EC2. It allows users to increase and decrease capacity within a few minutes duration. Apart from fast action, high flexibility is another important feature of Amazon EC2. This web service offered by Amazon allows user to choose their comfortable option from different operating systems and software suites. There are many local alternatives for businesses considering Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3. If you need an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider in Australia, Ninefold offers this service.

Amazon EMR Amazon EMR is one of the best used web services by developers to process data at economic rate. This web service from Amazon is found to be very useful in applications like scientific simulation, data warehousing and web indexing. It functions by dividing data into chunks and then recombining the processed information into final result. Similar to Amazon EC2, Amazon EMR also ensures high elasticity and reliability. User friendly interface, allowance of third party tools and security are other main features of using Amazon EMR.

Netflix Chaos Monkey, one of the web services offered by Netflix is found to be very beneficial to overcome troubles in cloud computing. Studies say that Chaos Monkey service by Netflix has already terminated more than 65000 instances. This open source keeps your application running even if there is some fault in virtual server. If you wish to terminate instances of machines in applications quickly, Chaos Monkey from Netflix is a good selection. It is an apt choice of web service to overcome the computing instances during disaster period.

Have you heard about Asgard? Asgard is another open source web service released by Netflix. Asgard acts as a perfect guide to overcome computing difficulties. This web service also beholds a registry to track down the performances like starting time and running time of applications.

Author: Article written by Natasha , bloger and writer for Ninefold, Australian Dedicated Servers.


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