An Expat Experience: Bollywood Sites to Behold

Bollywood is home to India’s movie-making industry, in the city of Bombay (now called Mumbai). It is a Hindi-speaking film industry in India, and is considered to be among the top producers of films in the world. The term Bollywood is a contraction of the word Bombay and Hollywood. The industry produces around 800 films a year with most movies depicting “masala” type entertainment that includes: love, comedy, action and stunts, song and dance – all blended in into three hours of filming!

The Hindi Film Industry produces films that appeal to all people from all walks of life. This has been one marketing technique to assure profitable box office sales. However, there has now been a growing trend to do market segmentation that would target not only the local Indian markets, but the international markets as well. Western musical television networks like MTV have influenced the more recent Hindi film productions on pacing, camera angles and cinematography, as well as other things. These factors have now elevated the film industry to where it is now.

Bollywood, on the other hand, also exerts its influence on the western world. There are many western films like the box office success Moulin Rouge, which were inspired by Bollywood films. There is now an apparent intermingling of influences between Bollywood and its western counterparts. It is not unusual then, to find expats who are now based in Mumbai as film consultants for various Hindi film producers. These films are produced for the local markets and the international markets as well. These expats work either as private consultants, or under tie-up arrangement with some film producers.

The production of Bollywood films cost millions of dollars, with the more expensive ventures costing up to $20 million. The high cost of production would warrant that these films be distributed internationally to make money; hence, all inputs to film production would need to be world class. Recent Bollywood films have employed an array of international technicians to improve film production. These have increased the number of expatriate workers now based in Mumbai. With new technologies, Bollywood films have gained inroads into international film markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Expatriates (expats) living in Mumbai are often initially shocked by the sights and sounds of the city. The place is not only home to Bollywood, but it is its central economic and commercial hub as well. Expats walking around would most likely see Bollywood stars traipsing around the various city streets. You would likely see stars going about their businesses in several commercial districts. It would be impossible not to spot them with their striking looks. It’s not unusual to see stars sitting in bars and restaurants in all their fineries, with a number of their entourage in tow. This can be a pleasant surprise for many expats.

The suburbs are home to a number of expats who have relocated due to work commitments in the film industry or various other reasons. In these areas are international schools and commercial centers that cater to expat needs. Navigating the infrastructure would reveal various sights and attractions in a city that is known for its culture, historical value, and a social network that includes Bollywood sites to boot!

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