Benefit Of Locally Produced Food

The importance of locally produced food cannot be overemphasized. The world is beginning to realize the health benefit of local foods. For example, about 88% of Canadians agreed to the importance of locally produced food, while 46% will buy local foods first. No doubt, responsible citizens are beginning to question the source of their food and how it affects them. In 2009, there was an increase in the number of farmers’ market in America and consumers are now willing to buy locally grown food directly from them. In this present year, about 90% of the American population will agree that locally produced food has more health benefits. What is so special about locally produced food?

Locally produced foods are organically produced and they are free from chemical pesticides. In the case of online butchers, fresh meats are delivered to customers. Buying locally produced food is the only way to ensure that what is being cooked is free from genetically modified organisms like growth hormone, chemical pesticides and antibiotics. These elements are detrimental to our health and environment. It is only the absent minded ones that will favour packaging or processed food over locally produced food. To ensure the well-being and safety of you and your family, locally produced food should be your first choice.

One reason why most processed food contains dangerous chemicals is they travel long distances. These chemicals serve as preservatives to ensure that the food does not get spoilt. Well, local farmers and butchers do not use these chemicals as preservative methods. You will save your money, time and energy. This is because you will be buying from local farmers. In other words, locally produced foods are environmentally friendly.

Freshness is a factor that cannot be overlooked when it comes to buying food. It is general advice to buy vegetables and meats that are fresh. This is because foods that are fresh reduce the risk of contamination. There is nothing as fresh as locally produced food. Fresh foods are healthier and nutritious. Aside from these, they come with better taste.

The health benefit of locally produced food has strengthened the relationship between farmers and consumers. When consumers visit the farmers’ market they witness firsthand how these foods are being organized. Meanwhile, technology has taken us to another level. Consumers do not need to leave the comfort of their homes to purchase locally produced food. If you need fresh meats, butchers are available online.

You need to realize that meat is a perishable commodity. Online butchers use airtight containers and they always refrigerate them in other to keep them fresh. So there is no doubt that you will get good quality meat that is fresh. If the butcher is nearby to where you live, you can decide to go and get them yourself. The main point is that it does not matter. Local butchers and online butchers offer the same services and you will get your meat delivered to your doorstep at the same price. Since buying online is stress free, most people prefer the online butchers.

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