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Antivirus software is a security application for computers and hand help devices. These antivirus applications prevent a computer from malicious application like malware, Trojans or any other harmful coding, intended to harm your computer and personal information. Everyday thousands of malicious codes are released on the Internet with the only intention to harm computers. If the security system of the computer is not strong enough to ward off the malicious codes, then chances are that your computer might get infected with a virus. It can be your favorite music website or a download website; you have to be prepared for the virus attacks. The popularity of antivirus programs is always high because of the protection they provide from viruses and malicious codes.

Choosing an antivirus is always a tricky question. With the presence of a wide range of antivirus, both free and paid versions, people often get confused while choosing the best one. Users often opt for free version of antivirus. However, these free security applications are not good enough to detect all the viruses, and can prove to be a risky affair.You can get more information about antivirus You can get more information about antivirus log on

Given below is a list of some of best antivirus of 2012:

Panda Antivirus: Panda antivirus is good choice for pc users because of its excellent malware detection, and removal ability. It does take much memory to run, and is light on the computer. However, there are some shortcomings of this software. Panda antivirus cannot completely clean all the malware. Even after the deletion of the malware, certain rootkits still run in the computer. It does not provide comprehensive security against new virus, and malware. The inbuilt safe browser is not user friendly and feels bulky.

F-Secure Antivirus: With a decent malware cleanup and blocking ability, F-Secure is one of the best antivirus available in the market. A great user orientated interface make this application even better. There are many downside of this application; It is bit slower in the performance. A complete scan of the computer might take longer time to finish. While installing this application in virus infected system, it faces difficulty in installation. The latest version of this antivirus features a new addition of deep guard that at times detects malware and valid programs suspicious.

Bit Defender Antivirus: Bit defender is one of best antivirus in today‘s IT industry. It works at a super fast speed on independent systems, and its ability to find malware and block them makes it most popular among end users. The only drawback of this application is its large installation, however, in comparison to the features the application offers, this drawback is too small to be noticed.

Once you understand how to protect yourself from computer viruses, you can easily take precautionary measures to protect your system from computer virus attacks.

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