Best Gaming Laptop Parts in the Market

MSI, Battalion, Toshiba, Alienware, Origin and Falcon Northwest. These are the highly recognized companies that produce the best gaming laptops in the Industry. Laptops that are specifically built for excellent gaming performance and renders Mind Blowing Graphics, Audio enhanced systems, Interactive portal compatibility and Game Designs. With these exceptional features, expectations are at your awe. The Modern games such Diablo III and Warcraft have peeked and immersed sensory and auditory system requirements but the laptops are produced by some companies that can par with any gaming exigency.

The Laptop Gaming Sector is relatively small and only few laptops-producing companies can bring forward the exact specifications that you need and among of the popular gaming laptops in trend are Qosmio X500, GT683, G74SX Asus and TLX. Gaming Laptop Parts

These are very specific gaming laptops that have a full quality specification, Reviews and High Ratings tested and preferred by online gaming enthusiast, top review websites and online blogs to news portals, which only proves that there are no other laptops you can compare them with. But do you have an Idea what are the Gaming Laptop Parts or hardware that these exceptional laptops have in built and do you think you can replace your oldlaptop parts with what they have. The answer is YES! And this blog will give you what are those parts, their specifications and brand name.

The Gaming Laptop Parts

In one my blog I was able to share few Computer Parts lists that top Gaming Laptops have, this time I’m going to give you a complete list. Specifications from version, speed or core memory

The Best Gaming Laptop Specification:

Optical Drive: DVD/Blu-Ray
USB Ports: 3-5 ports
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce (Version)
Video Memory : 1.5GB to 3.0GB (Memory) Gaming Laptop Parts
Battery Life: 3-5 Hours
Batter Size: 17 to 17.3 Inches
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD (Version)
CPU (GHz) : 2.0GHz to 3.20GHz (Speed)
RAM: DDR3 (Version)
Hard Drive: 500GB to 1.5TB (Memory)
Hard Drive Speed: 5400RPM to 7200RPM (Speed)
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional
Screen Size: 15.6 in. To 18.4 in.

Battery Life may seem so low compared to a desktop but the battery life gap is closing so rapidly so don’t get frustrated. To continue, the Above listed will give you an Idea to what kind of laptop parts you should get. So, If you wish to assemble or build your own gaming laptop better yet, congregate those parts that can exactly match with the modern game’s system requirements.

Brand Name of those Laptop Parts wouldn’t be a problem, just seek or drop by any physical store near you or visit online vertical sites and find your laptop replacement parts and research. Now you’ve learned something you can make this as a reference or information guide to future decisions. But If you want to buy one those popular gaming laptops Consider the following: Choosing the Right Video/Audio, Processor, Memory Storage, Additional Features and of course, make sure the place that you’ll be purchasing the laptop offer a Warranty.

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Laura Anies
Laura Anies

A good laptop with the good internet connection is the best for gamers. There are many good quality laptops with only under $1100.


2GB of Video card is good enough for gaming purposes.

Laptop Specifications
Laptop Specifications

I was very lucky coming here. Love playing games and thanks so much for the much needed info before i purchase a laptop.