Bollywood Stars and Their Techie Love

Our favorite Bollywood stars adore their technology and give us ample room to envy their devices. Apple products are especially popular, and in particular, Priyanka Chopra has been photographed numerous times with her MacBook and iPad 2. Madhuri Dixti is also smitten with the giant and regularly tweets from her iPad. More recently, celeb Laura Dutta has also been bitten by the Apple bug.

The Big B boasts an iPad, and Abhishek was recently gifted the gadget from Shweta Nanda. Apple has taken Bollywood by storm, but not all of the celebs have i-leanings. Much like web design pricing, there is a big variety available and everyone has their preferences. Check out which stars have a soft spot for different gadgets.

Priyanka Chopra Tablet

Android Lovers and Nokia Admirers

Aamir Khan boasts a Galaxy tab to keep up with his social media demands. Fans are thrilled to regularly check out his tweets and keep up with what he’s doing. He’s always done things a little differently than the rest of the “it” crowd, so his opting out of Apple mania isn’t surprising.

Both Gul Panang and Priyana Chopra have also been spotted using Nokia devices. While it might seem like Priyana is totally an Apple girl, she clearly enjoys spreading the love to other tech leaders. However, given her love of Mac devices, it’s clear that while she might flirt with others her heart is only for Apple.

Boys Will be Boys

A few of our Bollywood celebs are also game geeks. It’s alleged that Sharuk and Farhan Akhtar regularly compete as a way to let off some steam. Being a Bollywood star can be tough and the celebs certainly deserve a little down time. However, there’s no word on who wins these epic battles.

Ranbir Kapoor is a well-known game fanatic and is often tackling games on XBOX, Wii, and PS3. Variety is the spice of life and Ranbir is obviously taking full advantage of that. If he’s playing solo, maybe Sharuk or Farhan can team up to make it interesting for Ranbir.

Technology Goes Big

Celebs demand the best technology when they’re behind the wheel, too. Both Bipasha Basu and Priyana are proud owners of Porsche Cayennes, but Hrithik Roshan sticks with a classic Mercedes Benz S-class. Katrina Kaif has an Audi SUV for a little more space.

Salman Khan agrees with the Audi choice and drives around in an Audi 8, while Shahrukh Khan opts for a Mitsubishi Pajero. Shahid Kapoor also has a Benz in the garage but is often seen sporting a large Range Rover. Of course, the Big B reigns supreme with a Rolls Royce Phantom.

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