Causes of Falls In the Elderly and How to Avoid Them?

As you get older, you may begin thinking more about falling and how taking a serious fall can change your life forever. For this reason, it is important that you gain as much knowledge as you can on the topic such as the causes of falls in the elderly and how you can best avoid them. The information below provides helpful tips that are sure to be beneficial as you age.

Causes of Falls in the Elderly

While there are countless things that contribute to the number of falls seen in elderly people each year, there are a few common accidents that seem to keep elderly people in and out of emergency rooms. Listed below are just a few of the many causes of falls in elderly people each year.

• Weakened bones or muscles: The process of aging often brings about weakened bones or muscles. If you suspect that your body may be weakening, it may be time to take precautionary measures against it such as taking a vitamin supplement to help strengthen your body.

• Under lighted rooms: Poorly lighted spaces can be difficult to navigate if you have problems seeing. Rooms should be kept lighted throughout the day to help lessen the risk that you will experience a fall.

• Objects in walkways: Countless falls occur each year because of object placed in walkways. It can be difficult for elderly people to see toys, magazines, or trash that is often inadvertently left in walkways.

• Loss of balance: Just as your bones and muscles weaken as you age, so does your ability to maintain balance. Your balance simply isn’t as good as you age.

• Oddly placed furniture: Furniture ranks high on the list as reason why elderly people fall. Furniture placed in walkways may easily catch your foot and cause you to fall.

• Lack of walking support: Many elderly go far to long without investing in proper support to aid them in walking. This dramatically increases the chances that you may fall.
How to Avoid Them
Totally eliminating the risk for falling is impossible, but there are things that you can do to help prevent them. Use the tips below to help avoid falling.

• Exercise: The more you exercise, the stronger your muscles will become. It will also help keep you strong and healthy.

• Stay in lighted areas: Venturing in to dark areas will dramatically increase your chances for falling. To avoid them, only go into places or rooms in your home that are well lit.

• Remove debris from walkways: Make a it a habit to check the floors for debris and glance at the floor each time that you walk. Remove any debris or object that could potentially cause a fall.
• Focus on your balance: Balancing won’t come easy as you age. It is important that you focus on improving your balance as you age. Find unique exercise to challenge and strengthen your ability to balance.

• Move furniture out of the way: Strategically place furniture throughout your home so that you won’t risk falling on them. Be sure that your foot cannot catch the sides of the furniture when you are walking. You may even consider removing furniture from your home if it is overcrowded. This will lessen your chances of experiencing a bad fall.

• Use walking aides: If you are worried about falling, one of the best ways that you can avoid them is by using walking aids.Walking aids such as canes, walkers, and rail ways place strategically around your home will give you support during times that you need it most.

Allow the information above to give you a hand up when it comes to avoiding falls. Falling can have devastating outcomes. Elderly people often do not fully recover after experiencing a fall. Do what you can to prevent falls and raise awareness about how they can be prevented in the elderly. From using walking aids to focusing on your balance, you can dramatically reduce your risk of falling. What will you do to ensure that you maintain your mobility throughout your older years?


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