CCTV Maintenance Tips – Optimise Your Security

Maintaining your HD CCTV installation is an important factor to have your security systems running optimally. There are a good number of elements that come into play when you decide on servicing your CCTV and consider going through the various CCTV maintenance tasks. This not only ensures a longer life for your CCTV but it also helps in getting the best results out of your closed circuit tele vision cameras.

Here are a few maintenance tips that most CCTV installers UK companies will suggest you to follow for the best results.

Camera maintenancecctv

Perhaps the most important component of a CCTV security system is the camera being used. Therefore it becomes important to take the maximum care of this camera and make sure it works properly at all times. This in turn requires you to consider each and every part of the camera, starting from having the lens stay clean at all times to ensuring that the supporting angles that hold the camera in place are not damaged or require replacement.

Use the right cleaning liquid that is suitable for cleaning the lenses. This not only helps with cleaning the lenses properly but also increases the longevity of the camera. Check if the clamps holding the camera are strong enough and whether you need to consider repairing them.

Maintaining the circuits

Next, try to check if the wiring and the circuits are all in the right place. If the wiring seems to be coming off, get it repaired. You also need to pay the maximum attention to areas where the circuit seems to be under stress or is subjected to a lot of tension. This may lead to the circuit breaking up with time and may result in the security system going faulty.

Check the whole wiring and find out if all seems to be normal and in place for the best results.

Hard disks and storage

It is also important that you check the media where the video feeds are being stored. This may be a hard disk, DVDs, the internet or some other medium. Make sure the hard disk does not display any signs of damage. If you are using a DVD writer that continuously writes the feeds to DVDs, make sure it works the way it is expected to. Try to back up all the data before doing any maintenance work on the storage devices, be it a hard drive, magnetic tapes or DVDs. This will prevent the loss of any data in case something unforeseen happens during the CCTV maintenance process.

General cleaning

Finally, apart from all the above mentioned techniques, try to keep the whole setup clean and tidy. This helps to keep everything in order and also points at things that may be out of place immediately.

Get hold of a good HD CCTV installation contractor and ask them to help you with servicing your CCTV security monitoring systems for the best results. These professionals not only help you get the job done perfectly but can also advise you on tips and procedures that will help you get the most out of the security systems you use at your home or in a commercial establishment!


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house security system

security camera maintenance is really an important work to do, because these are electronic equipemnts and you never know when something get damged.