Choosing Between CPM and CPC Ads….

Getting relevant traffic to your blog is hard enough, but now you have to worry about monetizing it without losing your loyal followers. If you are one of the many webmasters out there wondering how to monetize a blog efficiently with ads, without annoying your users, read on.

Interwebs, we have a problem!

We have all been to those websites with way too many ads. You are most likely never going back to that site again. But the truth of the matter is that this approach works for these sites because they are not banking on people coming back to their site. So they can place as many Ads as possible without having to worry about how annoying they may be. How you display ads and what kind of ads you display depends entirely on the type of blog and audience you have.


CPC for the most part will get you a better rate than CPM, especially if you are using Adsense. But this is not always the case. Your job, therefore is to pinpoint the times when it is advantageous to use CPM ads instead of CPC ads.

Cpm vs Cpc

One thing that many bloggers, especially those who are just starting out, do not realize is that you can display different Ads in different formats to different visitors. They are generally split into two basic groups: Search engine traffic and all other traffic. You can easily do this by using the Who Sees Ads plugin if you are using WordPress, if not, has some good tutorials on how to manually code this.

Your returning visitors most likely have developed banner blindness towards the Ads on your site. This means that they have become used to the layout of your site and know exactly where the Ads are going to be. This causes your returning audience to be less likely to notice Ads, which in turn means that you are going to get far fewer clicks from them. Test out displaying CPM banner Ads to this traffic and see if that brings in more money than CPC Ads. I find that in most niches (except for the really high paying CPC  niches like insurance, fitness, etc.) this is the case. No matter what you do, do not display pop ups. Pop ups come off as being really spammy.  

Try things out

Experiment with different traffic sources and see which sources have the highest bounce rate. If certain sources have a really high bounce rate and are not generally earning you any loyal followers then it is time to show a few more Ads to that traffic. If they are generally leaving the page by not clicking on Ads then you can start displaying CPM Ads instead. You will have more control on who to show which Ads to if you code this yourself instead of using plugins. You should also start looking into which of your posts are performing well and which are not. Experiment with individual posts and you will start bringing in a lot more money when you display CPM based ads within content that gets less engagement

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