Today’s world is a world of internet and the future is going to be even more advanced in technology. This factor has made various entrepreneurs jump into online business and exploit internet as their marketing tool. Using internet as a business marketing technique involves promoting the business through company’s websites. Advertisements are placed on these websites, which are popular to attract the target customers.

However, website business nowadays has undergone a lot of changes. Earlier search engine optimization (SEO) was not looked up as a different profession, but today it is. Initially, web masters used to perform some basic SEO work for their websites and managed it. Today, with the increasing era of internet and the growth of websites, there are several other professions emerging in this industry, one of them being SEO. SEO is now counted as a full-time and an emerging career option for several tech geeks. This article discusses different reasons for choosing SEO as a career option.

Choosing SEO as Career:

Increasing Demand for SEO Professionals:

With increasing internet marketing and growing website business, the demand for SEO professionals has increased too and this offers a challenging career opportunity for creative, good at analysis and independent technology geeks. SEO business has emerged in the 1990s and is growing at a fast pace, thus providing new opportunities to youngsters to take up SEO as an occupation.

Less Competition:

As SEO field has not been around since long and it has just emerged in 1990, there are still very few people, knowing about the excellent opportunities in this field. Thus, people aspiring to enter in the SEO field might have to face less competition and can grab a high-paid job. Also, technical graduates may find other fields such as programming and testing difficult to seek a career in unlike SEO.

SEO Occupation can Pay Lucrative Salary:

High-end SEO work can be paid highly in the industry. Some organizations are paying more lucrative salary to SEO professionals than developers and designers. Also, people can take up SEO as The -first preference is much more striking within the coveted 18-29 years old demographic, where 45% of internet customers say they like utilizing their phones to complete the majority of their online browsing, in comparison to 29% within the 30-49 demographic and merely 11% of individuals 50 plus. a part-time occupation, which can pay them over and above their salaries. Thus, SEO profession can pay you good.

People have Made Successful Career in SEO:

As this is a new field,  job seekers have various questions about whether this field has eternal scope or will it be as challenging forever as it is right now and so on, the answer is ‘yes’. Many individuals have made a successful career as professional SEOs and this proves that this is a viable business.

A Lot to Learn:

If you are a hardcore techie and think that SEO is not so challenging, think twice. There’s a lot to be learned in it and this will only add up to your technical skills. Moreover, nowadays, business has changed and clients usually demand for technical guys who are not only good at designing and programming but also in search engine optimization.

As an SEO you can learn various techniques such as content creations, link building, social media marketing, web development, affiliate marketing, reputation management and PPC advertising.

Internet has become the key word in today’s world. Today, if you have a query popping in your mind, if I am not wrong, the immediate thing that you might do is open your web browser and enter your query in your favourite search engine. This is the key factor that could be used to decide, whether SEO is an emerging career or no.

The era of internet is demanding and to stay in the competition, businessmen has to change their  business strategies to  enter into online marketing and do search engine optimization so that their websites have better visibility. With more and more webmasters turning into web business, career opportunities have grown for SEOs. Above given points justify more as to why one should seek an occupation in the SEO field. For more information visit

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