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Sanjeeb PandaI was born with six toes on each foot. The extra toes were removed before I was a year old, robbing me of any super-powers and ending my crime fighting careers before it even began. Unable to battle the forces of evil, I instead work as a professional in Digital Marketing arena, currently living in Kolkata, India. Founded with the purpose to share my experience .


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11 Replies to “Contact Me

  1. dear all,good morning,
    if we want to destroy the crruption then for need to make a self independent group of team . which should be like a CBI

    • which may carry all right to arrest all those people who are crrupt and spreading it for new generation.after arrest them need to red on their whole properties .and use thier properties for poor people or those student are appreaciatable.

  2. about govt.
    it is not any doubt to say that i m with anna hazzare ji.
    but not anti congress. or any party also.
    my main view to erase crruption by any way. and illateracy ,poorty, female pressure

  3. anna tum age badho ham tomhare sath hey. koi kuj bhi kahey ham nehy rukneyala.ham bapuko nehi dekha, lekin upko dekhtehi bapuka niti malum pargeya.lokpal bil pas honahi chahiye.

  4. Vande Matram, Vande Matram, Vande Matram
    Anna Ji , mne gandhi ji ko kabhi nhi dkha aap ko dkh kr aisa lgta h jse mne gandhi ji ko dkh liya ho….lok pal nyay palika ke upar rehna chahiye,,,,,,aap aage badhye main nhi balki poora Hindustan aap ke saath hain…..your action against corruption is absolutely correct!!!! I am proud dat smebody has raised voice against corruption for us and that’s u. Protest against corruption should be there in every district of India. There should be an office in every district where a complaint against corruption can be made. Don’t move we’re wid u.

    Rajesh Chhillar

  5. annaji aap mhan ho aap bapu ka dusra rup ho aapko sda sda nmen nhee bhulegee bhart kee jnta aap bhart ka ithas ho aane vende matrm

  6. janlok pal paas hoga yh ithas hoga anna bapu ka naam hoga her bhart ka nagrik aajad hoga is bhrstachar se anna bapu kee vjh se aane vala kal ka sudhar hoga mera anna jan jan ka anna

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