Dark Side of Age Technology: E-Waste : E-Recycling

Technology boom has posted a remarkable state of making countries develop and even affecting the social life of every consumer. Truth be told that the light side of having technology advancement gave us efficiency and Reliability, but it so happens as we gaze through the advancement, we never noticed that the opposing effects of generating or creating more and more technology items has a dark future impact and while we Immediately disregard or throw away our items while Dark Side of Age Technology: E-Waste : E-Recyclingnot considering the harmful effects to the environment, the predicted event of polluting the environment and the gap between a clean environment gets closer,nearer and faster. E-waste (short for “electronic waste”) is pollution culled from discarded electronic devices. Lead and beryllium are one of the two chemicals present within the devices and once thrown, these chemicals seeps out, Needless to say, these chemicals significantly increase the danger level manifold. (Refer to Image to the left). This is a brief graph of the posing threat or the dark side of the Age of Technology. Demographics shows who are the major contributors to the E-waste threat.

Technology has indeed come a long way since the wheel. Whereas before, technological developments came with very long intervals in between, nowadays, it seems that every other season brings another technological leap. No sooner have you exhausted all of your gadget’s features when another upgraded model comes along. You are constantly impelled to sell old electronics (“old” being a relative term) and replace them with the new ones; and this is a cycle that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

However, as the world progresses, more technologies are developed to help man in his quest to make his life easier, more resources are consumed, and new types of pollution emerge; and each specific type of pollution has had a specific countermeasure developed.

Back when I was a kid, I learned about the imminent threat of deforestation through the magazines I Read, For each issue read, carries ads that encouraged readers to recycle papers, bottles, aluminum cans, and Shortly thereafter, news of the ozone layer’s thinning due to harmful gases released by such everyday items as aerosol sprays, automobiles, and (to my bafflement at the time) Styrofoam prompted a dynamic change to the way these products were manufactured and used.

And now, because of quick technological turnovers, we have what has been termed as e-waste. Below is the Map where E-waste has been piling or Exported:

Enter: E-recycling is the countermeasure developed to address this specific pollution problem. E-recycling aims to act as middleman between a seller of used gadgets and a purchaser. It won’t be just any middleman, though; it’s one that is more effective at refurbishing used products, and is green-focused to boot.

Basically, e-recycling centers collect old and used electronic gadgets, which are then inspected thoroughly. The parts deemed unusable are very carefully segregated and disposed of under the strictest recycling standards. The rest of the gadget is then repaired and restored to pristine working order, and polished to look brand new. They are then sold back to consumers at prices lower than what they were originally sold at.

This is a definite benefit to consumers wary of direct second-hand purchases (as in direct from previous owner to new user), as the latter often poses the problem of having defects only become apparent after the transaction has been finalized. More than the benefit it gives to consumers, however, is the positive effect it will have on the environment, and by extension on people the world over.

So do yourself and the Earth a favor and be green-focused. You can start by selling used electronics to e-recycling centers.


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