Know more about Dog Food & Health Tips

Coming up with a healthy diet plan for your pet may not be as easy as you initially thought it would be. First, it can be truly challenging to choose which dog food product or supplement you will get, given the variety of brands that you are most likely to find in a grocery aisle.
Second, you may not know what it is your pet truly needs for him to have a nutritionally balanced diet plan. After all, these essential nutrients are what your pet needs to live longer. Dog food refers to food specifically intended for consumption by dogs. There are lots of commercially manufactured dog foods which are available in the market but people should select it wisely. Some people make their own dog food, feed their dogs meals made from ingredients purchased in grocery or health-food stores or give their dogs a raw food diet.
Before attempting to buy any dog food from the nearest store, it is wise to speak to the veterinarian first because each breed has different need for dog food and your pet truly needs to have a nutritionally balanced diet plan.

Which are the best dog foods available?

  1. Chicken by-product meal is an excellent source of protein since it naturally contains each of the amino acids essential to carnivorous animals like dogs and cats.
  2. Wheat flour is a high-quality carbohydrate source that is used in biscuits for nutrition and as a bonding agent to prevent breakage. Wheat is also one carbohydrate used in dog foods as an energy source.
  3. There should be lots of protein when feeded to dogs. Some people believe that protein in dog foods beyond a certain level can cause kidney damage. No scientific research conducted to date indicates that protein is in any way involved in the development of kidney disease. So, it’s a myth.
  4. There are lots of dog foods brands available in the market but choose one of these after having a discussion with your pet veterinarian.

Wet or Dry Dog Food for Your Dog?

Making the choice between best brands of food for your dog is hard enough. Choosing a food formula is a very important part of pet care, since it will allow you to have direct control over the quality of food that your dog consumes. Here is some general information about wet and dry dog food formulas, which will help you to have a much easier time making a decision.

Wet or dry dog food both comes with their advantages and disadvantages, so let us have a look one by one about their advantages & disadvantages:

Wet Dog Food Advantages & Disadvantages:

Wet Dog Food Advantages Wet Dog Food Disadvantages
Wet dog food is usually highly concentrated Wet Dog Food are expensive
Provide a better source of nutrition to your dog Wet dog food does not promote healthy teeth in dogs
Caught between dog’s teeth can result in cavities
Causes Bad Breath

Dry Dog Food Advantages & Disadvantages:

Dry Dog Food Advantages Dry Dog Food Disadvantages
Dry dog food is said to be the most nutritious Dry Dog food are cost effective & less expensive
Dry dog food formulas promote healthy growth and development of jaw muscles in puppies, as well as adult dogs
Dry dog food has longer shelf life
Provides good dental health
Dry dog food also banishes bad breath in dogs

So from the comparison it is seen that Dry Dog Food wins in every aspect, so it’s better to go for Dry Dog food rather than Wet Dog Food.
But if your dog is regularly taking wet food don’t switch to dry food instantly most dogs shall not respond well. So switch it slowly and wisely, mixing it wisely the new formula with your old one.

Hope this article will help you to choose best dog food for your pet. If you have any other queries or suggestion just comment in below box or write down to

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