Download Freegate For Free And Enjoy Anonymous Browsing

Freegate is an anti-censorship application for secured and quick Online connection. Freegate is an application developed by Powerful Online Technology (DIT) that enables web customers from landmass China suppliers, Syria, Iran, Vietnam and the United Arabic Emirates, among others, to view websites obstructed by their government regulators.
The beauty of Freegate Professional is that it doesn’t need to be set up, you only need to double-click the exe computer file to have it up and running.
Freegate is the most popular circumvention proxies privacy application used in China suppliers that helps large numbers daily. Many students, visitors, entrepreneurs, diplomats and reporters find Freegate essential during their visit in China suppliers.

Benefits of Freegate:

1. Users accessibility web websites offshore as quick as their local ones;
2. Requires no set up or change in system setting;
3. Single exe computer file on a Windows system. 
If you want an easy way to avoid some IP-related limitation for general surfing around, then, Freegate is ideal. There’s no way to tell how secured your traffic might be, though, so we’d suggest you turn the program off before doing anything delicate or password-protected (shopping, internet financial and so on).
The Financial Times, stating a employee at Symantec in landmass China suppliers, revealed that Norton AntiVirus recognized Freegate as a virus equine. There were initial worries that the reviews may be a scheme by the China Communist Party (CCP) regulators to motivate removal of the application from computer systems, but it was soon delisted as a risk.
Anonymous Browsing
Symantec described that its recognition was in accordance with the application operating in the same way to various Trojan equine, in accordance with the use of proxies servers to go through fire walls used to prevent web websites, but that it had customized its recognition to remove Freegate.
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