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What is Dubai embellished with?  If someone would have asked this question to me before visiting Dubai, I would have probably said its infrastructure.  A common man knows about Burj Khalifa and the way it stands tall in the midst of a bustling city.  You might also know about some of the malls that are huge, to say the least.  Therefore, Dubai for you is about these tall buildings and grand malls; however, there are things which will leave you breathless. 

Boat Rental Dubai

One of the most amazing things that you want to see in Dubai is the Marina creek.  It presents an unparalleled view of thewater body of Dubai and how it reflects the matchless infrastructure of this ultra modern city.  This is the place from where many chartered yachts take off as they take you through the amazing views of Dubai city.

What you would also be suggested to not miss is the Jumeira beach.  The beach is as good as any other beach that you would see in the world.  Clean blue waters get you drenched in a trance of luxury and as the sun beats down, it is a perfect setting for a relaxing sun bath.  You can let all your toxins flow away with this amazing sun bath.

Dubai at the Best

Of course, as we mentioned earlier; you go to Dubai and do not appreciate its beauty is not possible.  It would be a crime to return from Dubai without seeing the strides that it has made in its infrastructure.  The Burj Khalifa stands tall and when you look down from the top of the building, you are sure to feel grand.  On the other hand, the Dubai mall is large and presents some interesting views to you.  If you are shopaholic, it is a great place for you to be.  Some of the most popular brands of the world have set up shop in the mall and present their offerings to the world.  You would not want to miss the fountain at the Dubai mall.

Dubai Scenes

Once you are done with Dubai mall, you might also wish to visit the Mall of Emirates and its snow park.  There are activities that you can indulge into and unwind.  The IBN mall also presents a unique picture its various sections represent various parts of the world.  You will find yourself walking through sections that represent Egypt, China, India and others.  I was enthralled by the view of the mall.

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Above all, what you do not want to miss is the experience of yacht hire Dubai.  Hire a yacht for yourself and set on course a ride of your life time.  Be treated to some mouth watering food while you are gaping at the blend of nature and manmade marvels.  It is a perfect set up for anyone.


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