Five of The Best Places to Live in Florida

Florida has long been the balmy refuge of the Eastern U.S. for many people seeking a break from the cold weather and continual hustle that often plagues northeastern cities. But retirees aren’t the only ones with their eyes set on the Sunshine state. 

Recently, Florida has experienced a surge of transplants from across the country — and for good reason. Aside from the great weather, Florida has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and its housing market is booming.

More interestingly, however, are the following Florida cities, which are generating the most buzz in the areas of jobs, housing and quality of living.

  • Coral Springs is a great place for families:Coral Springs - Florida

Are you starting a new family? Then, perhaps, Coral Springs, Fl., is the place for you. It boasts a large young and vibrant resident base, with over a quarter of its residents under the age of 18. The city’s magnificent Sportsplex facility is where you’ll find many of the city’s kids kicking soccer balls and catching footballs while running about the town’s immense fields.

  • Affordable housing make Tampa a winner: City Of Tampa - Florida

Home of Florida’s mega-theme park Busch Gardens, Tampa, Fl., may be a tourist’s dream, but it’s also a future homeowner’s very promising reality. Home prices are quite reasonable in this area. This touristy town also maintains a bustling nightlife scene for incessant thrill-seekers. A thriving tourism industry has helped create many jobs for Tampa’s residents — which has slowly boosted the city’s economy.

  • Housing is booming in Riverview: Riverview, Fl., is spearheading Florida’s housing boom. Its small town tranquility and close proximity to Tampa are just a few of the perks that have attracted thousands of new residents since the turn of the century. Riverview’s laid-back atmosphere is also attributed to its seven golf courses, which seem to blanket every inch of this leisure haven. It’s one of the cleanest and safest cities that Florida has to offer.

  • Weston is an athletic paradise: With an abundance of sporting facilities and golf courses, it seems that Weston, Fl. was designed with the athlete in mind. An intricate system of bike paths wind in and around the city, and residents are known to be some of Florida’s most adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. The weather is great all year-round, making the outdoorsy type of escapade a sensible cornerstone of this city’s culture.
  • Sarasota living is top-notch: Perhaps the most underrated city of all, Sarasota, Fl., is reported as having an outstanding quality of living. Golf lovers flock to this city in droves all year-round to play on exceptionally manicured acres of golf courses. This city has a refreshingly low cost of living percentage compared with the U.S. average — an attractive selling point for recent college graduates or anyone looking for a fresh start.

So whether you’ve just cashed in your chips from a lucrative oil investment or you are just looking for a fresh start in life, set your GPS and sights on Florida…and bring plenty of suntan lotion.

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