Forms & Approaches Of Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is such a treatment of mental illness that can be either used alone or as a combination of medications. Psychotherapy which is also known as “therapy” in short includes a number of treatment techniques. It is a process where the person having mental illness talks to a trained and licensed mental health professional known as psychologist or psychiatrist. A psychiatrist helps the patient to identify and work through the issues that may be causing the illness. Psychotherapy helps you to understand the problems or events in your life like loss of a job or a divorce or death in the family etc. that triggering the illness and to identify how to solve or improve them. It also helps you to find out and modify the behaviors, emotions and ideas that contribute to your illness. It teaches you the problem solving skills and coping techniques and regain the pleasure in life. There are different types of psychotherapies, like:

  • Individual: It includes only the patient and the therapist.
  • Group: In this therapy, two or more patients share their experiences to understand that there are other people also who feels the same way and experiencing the same things.
  • Marital/Couples: It helps the partners to understand the reason of their loved one’s mental disorder and how they can help with their behavior and communications.
  • Family: It is very important and helpful if the family member of the patient understands what their loved one is going through. So the mental health professionals talks to the family about how they can cope with it and what they can do to help.

Like different formats of psychotherapy, there are also different approaches that a mental health professional can take while providing the therapy. After talking to the patients and understanding their problems the therapist will decide which form of approach they will take based on the factors. Different types of approaches are:

Interpersonal Therapy:

In the interpersonal therapy, the psychologist focuses on the interactions and behaviors of the patients with their friends and family. The actual purpose of this therapy is to increase self-esteem and improve the communication skills during a short time period. The depression caused by relationship conflicts, mourning, social isolation and major life events can be treated very well with this therapy.

Psychodynamic Therapy:

This therapy is generally based on the assumptions that the person have emotional problem because of unconscious and unresolved conflicts that are stemming from childhood. In this therapy, the therapist talks with the patient about their experiences and helps them to understand and cope better with these feelings. Psychodynamic therapy normally lasts for three to four months but in some cases it can last longer, even years.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:

This therapy helps people to understand the imprecise perceptions that may have of themselves and also the world around them. The therapist directs the patient to give attention in both the “right” and the “wrong” things and establish new ways of thinking about themselves and others.

It is important to attend all the scheduled appointments during a therapy. The efficiency of the therapy depends on your active participation means you have to give time, effort and regularity to recover more quickly. Therapy is a treatment that identifies specific causes of mental illness like thoughts, behaviors and stresses that causing the illness, so it is not a short process. It takes longer time period than medication but the effects of it are far better than medication. I must say, the most effective treatment process for mental illness is the combination of therapies and medications.

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