Free Financial Help for Women Studying Nursing

Nursing is such a noble profession, and many women feel called to care for others; however, nursing school is never cheap. This makes many reconsider their desire to enter this field. This is a shame because free financial help is available for women wishing to study nursing. The key is to know where to look to find it and to be persistent in applying for it. Women searching for money to get a degree in nursing should look over the following sources:

Let the Government Help

FAFSA: The first stop for any current or future nursing student who needs financial assistance should be at the local college financial aid office. These people spend every day helping students locate sources of college funding and teaching them to fill out the forms properly. Even though Federal Application for Student Assistance (FAFSA) forms, the ones that must be filled out to receive federal money, are online, most students would benefit from the guidance of college financial aid officers in getting these applications completed. Once the forms have been submitted properly, students actually get an estimate of the potential benefits they can receive.

Work a Little: The federal government also provides work study jobs for students on a college campus. This makes it easy for some nursing students to make money to support themselves while they are attending school. Anyone interested in this type of position should be sure to indicate this when filling out the FAFSA application.

U.S. Government Nursing Scholarship Program: Because the need for nurses has reached the crisis level at times, the government has established a program to help needy nursing students complete their training. In return for college tuition, some eligible fees, books, supplies and a monthly stipend of over $1,000, nursing students who receive this scholarship must commit to a minimum two years of service at a health care facility with a critical need for nurses.

Military Scholarships for Nursing: The government also subsidizes nursing through giving scholarships through Air Force and Navy ROTC programs. The acceptance of these funds requires a period of active service after graduation, but most of the grants also include monthly stipends for the student in addition to tuition charges.

Search for State Sponsored Scholarships

Nursing school applicants should be sure to apply for all scholarships designated for a specific state. These scholarships have fewer applicants than national scholarships which creates better odds of getting the money. The American Legion Auxiliary offers nursing scholarships in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey and Oregon. In addition, the Missouri League of Nursing gives several nursing scholarships, as does the Kansas Nurses Foundation. Students should check online and in the college financial aid office for scholarships offered in their state.

Some local clubs and civic organizations also offer scholarships for nursing, and many large corporations are generous in this area as well. Also, be sure to ask fellow nursing students about the sources of money that they have accessed for nursing education.


Author Bio: Jennifer Lewis writes for a site that has useful information on nursing scholarships and grants for women including free federal grants for women.  She believes women who want to study nursing should apply for as much financial aid as they can to ensure they are able to complete their degrees.

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