Google Improves Its Cloud Security

In May Google took a major step that improved the security for its business cloud suite, Google Apps for Business.  After undergoing a three-part audit, Google announced that Google Apps for Business earned ISO 27001 security certification, an internationally accepted independent standard.

Google’s announcement made big waves in the technology world, but even though many people know this certification is significant, very few know what it actually means.

ISO 27001 security certification is part of an Information Security Management System, also known as an ISMS.  Before Google Apps for Business could become officially certified, the suite and its associated technologies needed to undergo an in-depth audit.  Ernst & Young CertifyPoint, a third party, conducted the audit by doing an informal review, a more formal assessment, and follow-up examinations in order to be sure that Google was continuing its security practices.

During this review, Ernst & Young CertifyPoint looked to make sure that the cloud suite met specific requirements.  First, the auditing body looked to see that Google Apps for Business had information security controls, paying specific attention to any impacts, threats or vulnerabilities.  Second, it ensured that there were risk treatment methods in place. And, finally, Ernst & Young CertifyPoint guaranteed that Google used a management system that met current and ongoing security issues.

Because the audit was such an in-depth process and because the ISO 27001 requirements are so strict, this security certification was a large investment for Google.  However, it was definitely worthwhile, as Google Apps for Business is now verified in one of the most internationally accepted security standards.

In addition to being an important step for Google, earning ISO 27001 certification was also a big deal for the cloud computing industry and for businesses.  Since Google first entered the cloud in 2006, people have used its services for mobility and reliability, but large businesses, in particular, have shown concern over security in the cloud.  While cloud security has significantly improved since 2006, many large corporations have held onto their doubts about the safety
their data would enjoy in the cloud. However, Google Apps for Business’ new and improved security certification should help businesses of all sizes feel completely comfortable with undergoing a Google Apps migration to move to the cloud.

Information security is important for everyone, especially businesses and it has been one point where the cloud has fallen short in the past.  However, Google has changed that with its new ISO 27001 certification.  Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security for Google Enterprise, points out that Google Apps for Business’ ISO 27001 certification and Google Apps for Government’s SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 audits and FISMA certification should make clear that Google has an
ongoing commitment to security in the cloud.  To further this commitment, Feigenbaum announced that Google would continue to open up its cloud suites to third-party audits.

Because the ISO 27001 certification is so hard to achieve, Google made a big splash in the technology and the business worlds, causing people to realize that security in the Google cloud is better than ever.

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