Grilling Can Be Healthy Too…

When most people think about cooking on a grill, their head becomes filled with images of sizzling steaks. Or maybe they imagine a cookout, the grill packed with juicy burgers and hotdogs. While those foods might be mouthwatering, they may not always be suitable for everyone’s daily diet. But don’t go blaming that on the grill. If you learn to harness your grill’s full potential, you can use it to cook just about anything.

But what healthy foods can you cook on your grill? With a little creativity, the options are limitless. Flavorful white meat chicken, any kind of fish you could imagine, your vegetable side dishes, and even some amazing fruit recipes for a healthy dessert.

Meet the Healthy Meats

In general, if you want to go with a healthy grilled meat, it’s best to stick with either a boneless white meat chicken breast or a nice piece of fish. Both of these options are much less fatty than red meat or pork. But just because they are healthier, doesn’t mean they can’t pack the same flavor and enjoyment.


One great thing about chicken breasts is that they can be prepared in an endless amount of ways. Chicken just seems to be the perfect canvas on which to paint with many different spices and tastes. Maybe you’re in the mood for a nice grilled rosemary chicken today. Tomorrow could be perfect for that little bit of kick that you get from some blackened chicken. And healthy grilling doesn’t mean cancelling those Sunday barbeques either. Grill up some chicken breast and paint them with BBQ sauce for that familiar aroma and flavor.

Fish can also be prepared in many different, healthy ways just by using your grill. But the added bonus of fish is that there are so many different kinds to choose from. Even if you’re a picky eater, there’s bound to be a fish that suits your palette. Grill up different kinds until you find what’s right for you. Maybe the non-fishy flavor of grilled lemon-garlic tilapia makes your taste buds tingle. Or how about a tuna steak topped with a mango and carrot salsa. The options go on and on.

Veggies Please

For some reason, many people only think of their grill as a tool to cook meats. While it’s obviously great for that, your grill is also perfectly suited for preparing vegetables. The key to this is cutting your vegetables into similar sized pieces so they will cook evenly. Then you should soak them in water, brush them lightly with oil, and toss them right on the grill. This works perfectly with popular side items such as: asparagus, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and pretty much any other vegetable that you think fits in with your main course. You can even spice up your veggies with creative marinades and seasonings.

Fruitful Desserts

Would you believe that you can grill yourself up a piece of fruit and make it into a healthy dessert? You will be amazed at you how much the already sweet flavors of fruit are enhanced when you cook them on a grill. This is because of the caramelization that occurs when the fruit’s natural sugars are heated up. You can take pretty much any fruit you want, cut it up into even pieces, and toss them on the grill. Just make sure to notate that softer fruits like peaches, mangos, and berries will cook very quickly. For an array of flavors, you can even try grilling up some fruit kebabs.

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