Having a Healthy Diet without “Dieting”

“You are what you eat” is an old cliché, but perhaps the most accurate one ever created. The food that we eat affects both our body and our mind, and as the food supply has become industrialized and full of contaminants, the nation’s health has been in decline.

Recently we have had resurgence in the desire to eat organic local food, mainly because more and more information has come to light concerning the practices of the corporate owned industrial food manufacturers. Food products that contain highly processed ingredients and very little nutrition leave our bodies in disrepair.  Corn in particular, in its many forms has permeated the shelves of our supermarkets.

Corn and soy are two of the most pervasive genetically modified foods on the market today, and the true impact on our health has not yet begun to be understood.  Monsanto is the largest industrial food supplier in the world, and they are also the makers of the most powerful chemical pesticides, along with creating Agent Orange which contains dioxins, one of the most toxic substances, if not the most created.

The industrial food supply is genetically modified to withstand the huge amounts of Monsanto pesticide, “Roundup”, which as you can guess is an equally toxic product that is used on most farms in the U.S. Making healthy food choices is almost at the point of needing a college degree to so, but there are some solid things you can rely on to help you do it.

Having a Healthy Diet without “Dieting”

There is a good reason Organic foods have become more important in the past few years. Organic farmers have always been around, but now they are getting noticed more because of the health epidemic we have in this country. Organic food contain no pesticides or toxic chemicals, they are grown naturally using age old techniques to maintain the health and diversity of the land on which they are farmed.

Organic farmers understand how to care for the land, and work hard to create a continuous cycle of give and take.  They rotate crops which helps to revitalize the soil, some vegetable leave necessary nutrients that the next round of veggies will need.  They also use things like kelp and fish carcass to fuel the nutrition of the soil, rather than nitrogen based fertilizers.

That said, farmers markets have seen an explosion in popularity all across the country.  The difference in produce can be seen right away.  These farmers follow the season and grow accordingly. Industrial food growers use chemicals, and gases to get their products to market.  The tomatoes you buy at the supermarket that are hard and seem look ripe have been gassed with ethylene, which is a petroleum based flammable gas to give them their color.

Meat is gassed with carbon monoxide to increase its shelf life.  It keeps it red longer giving it the appearance of fresh, healthy meat. Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) is a label that should give you pause, because it simply means that the product has bypassed public regulatory review.

Food labels have become an issue in the fight for healthy food choices. Monsanto and others have lobbied to keep GMO labeling off of food products, so the public will continue to be in the dark.  The solution is to eat local whenever possible.  The basic facts are that organic local food is much more nutritious and has less contamination than food grown on an industrial farm and has travelled thousands of miles to get to the market.

Inadvertently putting chemicals in your body by eating processed foods will have a long term imp-act on your health.  Organic foods are grown with the health of the planet and the body in mind, and the results are evident in everyone who eats them.

Processed foods are full of fat, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup, and all processed foods are loaded with them and a ton of useless calories.  Read food labels, and make sure that you visit your local organic farmers market; talk to the farmers about healthy food.  They are possibly the most knowledgeable people concerning the impact of food on your health.  The trick isn’t to have a modern diet plan. It is simply to have healthy, nutritious, and chemical free food so that your body gets all the natural nutrition it needs.

BIO: Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including organic foods and health issues. When he is not writing he is hiking in the mountains of upstate New York.

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