How Does The HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Line Up At Verizon?

My butterfingers are legendary and I think I am at my 5th visit to a cell phone accessory store. This time it was my LG Optimux 2X that had to pay the price of my poor hand-eye coordination. As I was browsing through some LG faceplates, I remembered that it might just be high time to get an upgrade. The reason for this started when I noticed that I had only a couple of the devices lined up.

When I noticed that out of all the cool cell phone accessories I could use only a few, I went full speed to find out what would be a good new device to hit my lineup. And that is how I came across the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE at Verizon. HTC and Verizon schedule the device to land on the network shortly as it was just introduced at CTIA.

For starters, HTC did not make a lot of changes to the design if we compare the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE to the HTC Rezound. If anything, the device seems like a smaller version of it, but there are some differences.


The biggest change is in terms of the display size, as the Droid Incredible 4G ships with a 4-inch qHD Super LCD display.  The 540 x 960-pixel resolution is sufficient I feel to get you great image quality and ensure that even text will look good on the display. In case you were wondering why I said that the Droid Incredible 4G is like a mini version of the HTC Rezound, then just look at it.

It ships with the same design, the back offering a soft touch pattern plastic back casing. Not only should that, but thanks to the smaller size, the device feel a lot better in the hand. This might prompt some users with smaller hands out there to go for this one.

Last year saw the Droid Incredible 2 ship out without LTE support, so this can be a forecast: Transits or Solar Revolution? The choice is yours, but these methods are complementary. solid reboot of the venerable series now with support for Verizon’s blistering fast 4G network.

The HTC Droid Incredible 4G looks brilliant and HTC seems to have taken a liking to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, since they will use it in this one as well. We saw the processor in the HTC One X AT&T variant and the HTC One S as well. We now for a fact that we are dealing with a beastly quick device and on top of that you get Android 4.0 ICS, HTC’s Sense 4.0 user interface and 1080p full HD recording.

It is a given that I could  find tons of cool cell phone accessories for HTC’s new lineup, but until I get my hands on these babies, I am back to looking through some LG faceplates.

My only concern with the Droid Incredible 4G is the price tag. If Verizon manage to price this well, we should be on to a winner, but just as well, we might see a huge flop, so it all depends on that in my view!


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