How to Save Money on Car Insurance?

Insuring the car means regularly paying a certain amount of money to the insurer. In almost all the countries in this world minimal car insurance is obligatory, required by the law and this is a very good thing. Nevertheless, besides the minimal car insurance policy, the car insurance market is offering many other types of policies, and any responsible driver should examine them all and decide which one is the best for his or her particular needs.

The truth is that car insurance can be quite expensive, and it is absolutely normal to want to do something in order to reduce it. The good news is that there are some easy to do things that are going to help you benefit from all the advantages offered by good quality insurance, while paying a decent amount of money for these services.

One of the most important aspects has to do with your driving background. Your driving record is one of the things that the insurance companies will be taking a good look at. If you learn the rules and strive to obey them all, your record will remain clean.

On the other hand, if have collected a lot of tickets and you have broken the driving laws and regulations many times, expect to be required to pay more money for the same insurance policy. In fact, if the traffic violations are numerous, you might even be refused when you will try to purchase a car insurance policy. The reason for this is simple: the insurance companies will consider that you are not a trustable and reliable person, so the premiums will increase accordingly.

If you want to cut down the car insurance costs, look for special promotions or special packages. Every major car insurance company will offer discounts from time to time, and it is very possible that you qualify for some of them. Search for holiday discounts, anniversary discounts, etc using your favorite search engine.

Another thing that many people will do in order to reduce the insurance costs is to move all their insurance policies to one big insurer. For example, people choose to purchase their life insurance policy, home insurance policy and car insurance policy from the same company. In such a case the insurer will repay your trust by offering you a considerable discount.

Have you ever thought that the car model that you posses is influencing the amount of car insurance that you are required to pay according to the law? Certain car models (the very fast ones for example), the cars that are used especially by the very young drivers, will be insured for larger amount of money when compared with the other car types.  So, if you want to get another car, make sure first that you verify its insurance costs on the net. There are different websites where you can ask for and be given a quote for insuring a certain car. Sure, if the car price is not a problem for you, neither will the insurance price be. But if cutting the costs is a priority for you, consider getting a more common, less expensive car model.

Do you intend to drive the car several hours each day? This can influence the car insurance costs as well. The drivers that drive less each day can get much lower car insurance rates. The explanation is simple: logically, the risk of getting involved in a car accident is bigger when you drive for several hours each day! So, if you know that you will be driving less, let the car insurance company know about this and the premium will decrease.

The last aspect is related to the level of safety that characterizes your car. If the insurer considers your vehicle to be a safe car, you are going to pay less for car insurance. So, invest safety devices and you are going to recoup your money in no time! And remember that by applying these tips, you are not only going to pay less, but also reduce the risks of getting involved into an unpleasant traffic incident.

Author: George Pirvu, the author of this article, works as an insurance broker consultant for Millenium RCA, a car insurance broker in Eastern Europe.

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