How To Sneak In Exercise Throughout The Day?


One of the main excuses that people use for not exercising enough throughout the week is that they don’t have time to fit in a workout. However, this usually isn’t actually true, as most people could find the time to fit in a workout, even if it was a shorter one, if they really wanted to. If you’re one of those people that are constantly pressed for time, stop approaching exercise as spending an hour a day at the gym, try to hit the gym a few times a week instead of every single day, and focus on finding ways to fit in a little more movement in throughout the day. These six tips will help you move a little more so that you can weigh a little less:

  1. Park farther away. That front row parking spot may be tempting, but the back row one is a better option if you’re looking for ways to sneak in some extra exercise. Park as far away from your destination as possible so that you have to walk more to reach your destination. The extra walk will help you burn a few more calories.
  2. Take the stairs. Like most people, you probably take the elevator whenever you go somewhere that has one. Instead of doing this, however, hit the stairs. Not only will you get in a nice little workout walking up and down the stairs, but you also won’t have to stop on every single floor waiting to pick up more people. Most people could get to their destination walking up or down the stairs faster than if they stood waiting for a busy elevator.
  3. Get up and walk around every hour. If you’re in a typical office setting or if you work online from home then you probably spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of your computer each day. It’s easy to sit for four or five hours at a time without moving without even realizing it, which is terrible for your physical health. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour on the hour and get up and walk around for a few minutes to help get your blood flowing again.
  4. Start walking or biking places instead of driving. Instead of hopping into your car to travel to places that are nearby, try walking or biking there instead. It may take you a little extra time, but it will also be a nice little workout that you wouldn’t have gotten in otherwise. If you work close enough to bike to the office, considering doing that as well. Not only will you be doing something good for your body, but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment.
  5. Hit the gym or go for a walk at lunch. It’s not uncommon for people to work through their lunch hours, devouring their meal in front of their computer without a second thought. Doing this almost ensures unnecessary weight gain, not only because you’re not moving at all but also because you’re less likely to even be aware of what you’re eating. Instead, go for a walk at lunch time or hit the gym for a quick sweat session. Knowing that you’re working out at lunch will encourage you to make healthier decisions, and you’ll also get in an additional workout.
  6. Makeover your happy hours. Happy hours usually consist of cocktails, appetizers, and a chance to catch up with coworkers or friends. But your happy hour doesn’t have to be spent at a restaurant or a bar. Instead ask your friends to meet you for an evening gym class or to go for a hike to catch up. You’ll still get to talk to your friends, just without all the extra calories.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be a big production at the gym; sometimes it can be as easy as taking 20 minutes at lunch to go to the gym or parking in the last parking spot instead of the first. While you should maintain a workout schedule of 3-5 days per week, you should also remember that every little bit counts, and making a decision to be more active during your day no matter what you’re doing will eventually add up.


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