How To Spy on Your SEO Competitors and Gain More Traffic ?

17 Nov
Courtesy of WhiteLocust
Courtesy of WhiteLocust

Smart SEO campaigns are built on the best resources available. Sometimes, that means learning from what your most successful competitors have already accomplished.

Study Successful Competitors
For instance, if you’re a blog on lifestyle and advice targeted at women, you could learn a thing or two from reading Oprah’s blog and Steve Harvey’s blog for “Think Like a Man”.

It helps to know what successful players are already doing in your field. So here’s what you should do today: Drop whatever you’re doing and come up with a list of your 5 most admirable competitors.

These have to be leaders in your field. To be the best, you have to be willing to learn from the best. Who are the people in your line of trade that people listen to most?

Copy the methods of the most successful websites
They will typically have done a lot of work to earn that spot at the top. You too want to listen to them. But you want to also copy the things that they do. Don’t just consume their material. Look closely at what they are saying, and how they are saying it. Also, look at how their website is optimized. As a SEO, you’ll typically have some great “Aha” moments when you catch the stars in your field doing something unique that the amateurs don’t know good enough to do.

Copy their copywriting and approach to the audience
Just analyzing your most successful competitors’ website copy can educate you on the concerns of your audience that they are tapping into.

It can alert you to issues or a way of thinking about an issue that matters to your audience and that you might not have utilized yet to improve your results.

I’ll give you a quick example here from the ecommerce domain in which I’m currently focused.

Take, for example, a potential competitor, the guys at High on Life, a summer clothing line.

Now, there’s a lot of competition in the clothing line. Think how many vendors there are who could potentially sell you a low-cost T-Shirt for 5 bucks on 10 bucks online. Thousands, right?

Well now take a look at how they’re pitching their website in order to be much more successful. Here’s a snapshot of their landing page for High on Life:

Courtesy: High on Life
Courtesy: High on Life


This is no run of the mill T-Shirt buying.

They’ve morphed the whole thing into a thrilling summer experience, and showing the customers all the cool things and places that they can experience when buying T-Shirts from this brand. This adds meaning to your messaging that might resonate greatly with your customers.

Spying on your successful competitors will lead you to these good sources of value so you can engage your audience better/

Learn from the keywords they use

Knowing the keywords that your successful competitors are using to dominate the field can lead you to target the same keywords and find yourself ranking highly in Google and other search engines.

Just slot your competitor’s website into a Keyword Analysis tool like the Google Keywords planner, and see what suggestions come up for high-opportunity keywords to target.

Then see how many of those you are missing on your own website. If you target a keyword with enough potential and low competition, you could rank on the first page in the search engines within a short period of time. That quickly leads to huge bursts of traffic and love from the search engines.

That’s it for this primer on spying on your competitors. There are a lot of tools out there to help you with this. Check them out.

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