How to Start a Personal Injury Law Practice?

Getting Started as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Everyday in the United States significant amount of law professionals start their law practice. If you are a personal injury lawyer and wish to practice, follow these tips.

Are you a fresh out-of-school law graduate and feel that you are not well equipped to begin your law practice? Relax, as there is ample scope for you to start earning, getting a breakthrough, earning respect and goodwill that you have aspired since you began to pursue law. If you are specialized in personal injury laws and wish to begin your own practice, we have a few tips and guidelines to get you started with the same.

 Personal Injury Lawyer


The scope of a personal injury lawyer involves the cases related to injuries caused due to automobile accidents or injuries sustained from any accident at private or public places. You can represent such clients, either through private practice or by joining a law firm specialized in personal injury cases.

Steps to Start Career as Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Beginning of the career as a personal injury lawyer should be right from the law school days. Associating with a small personal injury law firm and seeking a clerical position will benefit you by giving you hands-on experience of the field.
  • Once you graduate from the law school, you should not immediately think of getting into private practice. Rather you should seek an associate position in personal injury law firm. This saves you from advertising yourself and struggling for earning goodwill in the field.

However, pursuing a job with accredited and renowned law firms is beneficial. Associate with firms, which are reputed to have a good clientele and also for winning most of the cases.

  • While handling a case of a client of the firm, make sure you give your best and also treat the client with utmost respect. Goodwill comes through word of mouth and as per a marketing principle, ‘a satisfied client brings in seven more clients’, you can be on a verge to enter into your private practice after gaining significant experience.

Also, build healthy relations with fellow attorneys. You should have contacts with all types of lawyers, with varied practice areas.  This makes sure that when a client seeks referrals for a personal injury case to one of these lawyers, they can recommend your name.

  • Initially, choose cases carefully; handle the cases that have optimum possibility of winning. This will help build your reputation in the legal field. Also, practice continuing legal education (CLE) to keep abreast of the field knowledge and have a good standing in the legal profession.

Starting a career in any of the specialized legal field may be a challenge. If you have to pursue a career in the personal injury laws, then initiate since the law school days. Follow the above given tips and you can be in safe position to branch up as an attorney into private practice.

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This is just the information I was looking for, I am so glad I found this! This year is my first year in law school and I have been doing a lot of thinking about what field I want to specialize in when I graduate. I have always thought that being a personal injury lawyer would be fun so I have been doing a lot of research it. I like how it was included in the article that pursuing a job at a well known and respected firm can lead to good clientele and successful cases. I hadn't ever thought of that before. I will have to keep this information in mind over the next few years!
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