Is Social Networking Eating Away Our Personal Lives?

While a majority of animals have an extremely basic social life, which is maintained strictly for survival purposes, humans have evolved past that point a long time ago to the point where social life has officially become one of the dimensions of health. The quality of a person”s relationships has a very direct impact on their psychological health, and so most of us strive to maintain steady and rewarding relationships with our family, our friends, and romantic partners.

Social Networking

How Social Networking Changed Interpersonal Relationships?

Up until very recently, most interactions between people were performed face-to-face, which turns out to be a very beneficial practice for a number of reasons:
• It helps to establish a more personal connection.
• It provides those involved in the face-to-face interaction better ways of expressing themselves through body language, their voice, and their eyes.
• It gives way to far less misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

Relatively recently, social networks started to appear on the internet, with one of the earliest and most popular ones being MySpace. Today however, social networking has become an increasingly large phenomenon as social networks are gaining in popularity; Facebook alone has more than 651 million active users.

Needless to say, such a phenomenon has a very tangible impact on the way our society works as social networks allow us to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere, without actually having to see each other. As a result, many do not have an active social life to speak of; they will lack friends, romantic opportunities, 000 dollars ? On en profite tout simplement les yeux fermes, en se laissant bercer par les qualites du groupe auquel appartient All Jackpots casino en ligne et qui ne cesse de cumuler recompenses et autres trophees. not to mention they could start developing psychological disorders from isolation. However, there are other aspects apart from out social lives which are affected by social networks.

Other Consequences of Social Networks on our Personal Lives

Many people who would rather spend time on social networks communicating with their friends from a distance tend to spend a lot of time on those networks, especially because they offer various games and applications which serve as the perfect time-wasters. In other words, a social network is a procrastinator”s dream as it gets constantly updated and it has various activities to keep you occupied… for hours sometimes. Many people end up neglecting various responsibilities they have which can range from taking out the trash to taking care of the baby… not to mention that many people who work on computers tend to slack off on social networks.

All in all, while social networks have become an integral part of modern society they are contributing to slowly destroying it. As people spend more and more time on them, they will have less of a need to communicate face-to-face and will lead inactive social lives. As a result, an incredibly large number of people are going to have very limited professional, social and romantic opportunities, not to mention that they will have much less friends to count on. If the phenomenon continues to grow and gain influence, we may end up being faced with a veritable social crisis; while social networks may be incredibly useful in some situations, it is important not to make them a huge part of our lives.


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