John Abraham Workout – John Abraham Exercise Chart

We have admired a lot the look of John Abraham in Dostana and now he is becoming leaner for his upcoming movie.

How does he maintain his super structure body? Let us try to know how he does it and what type of diet he maintains for his body.

•  John Abraham Workout – Breakfast

It is important for everybody to consume at least three full meals daily. A breakfast is an essential part of your diet, and it should not be missed at any costs.

Some people tend to make the stupid decision of cutting back on their total food intake; this is most definitely not the way to go.

John consumes an average breakfast of six egg whites, a glass of fresh fruit juice, bread slices topped with butter. Do not forget to include an additional ten almonds before stepping out everyday. The model is extremely fond of tea, and advices everybody to consume at least two cups daily.

John Abraham Workout – Snacks

In case you’re one for snacks, then the model recommends munching on food items that are light, healthy and non-fatty. If your schedule involves a lot of physical activity then consuming a few snacks in the between meals is acceptable.

• John Abraham Workout – Lunch

Much like other health-conscious celebrities, John’s workout does not involve consuming exotic foods. Instead the actor prefers simple food like chapattis made of wheat flour, spinach, yellow dal and some stir fried vegetables.

The number of calories that one consumes is less important than the nutrition gained. Always keep a tab on the nutritional value of the food you eat; it will help you create a better suited dietary chart for yourself.

He does recommend going for some light snacks and protein shakes in the evening before dinner.

• John Abraham Workout – Fitness

First things first, the celebrity is strongly against using steroids to whip oneself into shape. According to him, short cuts can only do so much, and eventually, the human system wouldn’t be able to retain the results. He himself has never indulged in growth hormones or steroids to get his killer bod.

• John Abraham Workout – Exercise

To get a body like John Abraham, one needs lots of concentration & determination and can also follow the workout charts mentioned below:


Incline flyes doing the same workout as above and the same warm up
Dumbell presses

One armed rows
Reverse flyes


Bicep curls
Concentration curls

Tricep kickbacks
One handed triceps over head press

Put the dumbbells on your shoulders and lift up on your toes. Do this 3 times.

Side lateral raises
Front lateral raises


Three sets of 12 crunches in perfect form
The plank (Taken from Yoga) – see how long you can stay up and try to increase that number.

John does not believe in crash diets or fat diets .They only damage your body .John believes in burning calories, not controlling them.

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zaheer tariq
zaheer tariq

love u bro Meh aap ke shedule exercises kerta hun. 3 sets each 2 sets 15 rips and the 3rd 12 rips first day chest+back second day arms third day shoulders

zaheer tariq
zaheer tariq

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