Knife Collecting: How To Get Started

The world of knife collecting is fun and can even be quite profitable. Buyers and sellers are a unique and friendly group, always ready to offer advice and show off prized possessions. Beginners interested in starting a collection should treat each knife like a work of art. Purchase what you enjoy for its beauty, for its history or for its affordability. Most experts recommend starting slowly and finding a particular focus, which might be a brand, a style or a specialty use. Hobbyists will find that collecting with no ideal knife type in mind can quickly get out of hand.

Before diving in, browse the hundreds of vendors at knife shows. These are often held in conjunction with gun shows and will have every knife available on display. Here, you can narrow down which type of knives you prefer. They may include atoledo folding or fixed blades in military, hunting, medieval, antique, new edition, special edition and everyday multi-blade knives. Souvenir knives are gaining popularity with their tie-ins to movies and characters. The types of handles, whether in shape or construction, are another area of focus for some collectors. Patterns refer to the names of knives that include whittler, sportsman, smoker and muskrat. The list is practically endless.

Brands that collectors love include Case, Queen, Remington and Winchester. Each produces a wide range of styles that can include special edition and commemorative engraved handles in materials such as bone or mother of pearl. They typically include display stands and complementing imprinted boxes. 

Pawn shops and swap meets are additional places to browse for knives. A little knowledge beforehand will help in making the smartest purchases. Both used and mint knives will vary widely in actual value, and some caution is in order with any transaction. Finding a dealer you trust, especially in the early stages, is also an advantage. The riskiest purchases are through individual newspaper postings. Dealing with vendors who depend on their reputation will especially ease the anxiety for first-time buyers. As with any other purchase, if it sounds too good, it may very well be a mistake.

Deciding how to display, store and maintain knives goes hand-in-hand with collecting. Consider a rider to homeowners or renters insurance policies for more expensive pieces. These are often prime targets in a burglary.

It does take time to gain knowledge and confidence in collecting knives. Once hooked, however, beginners will discover the joys that every enthusiast understands.


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