Laptop Accessories That Will Prolong Your Computers Life

A laptop computer is an investment, and since the average user expects that investment to last at least five years, durability is a crucial factor. The modern laptop is resilient and long lasting out of the box, but there are also accessories available that can prolong its life even further.

Laptop Accessories That Will Prolong Your Computers Life

1. Laptop Cooling Pad

Heat is the enemy of computer components, and there is a direct correlation between component lifespan and heat levels and duration. Heat is particularly troublesome in laptops because there is limited airflow and few applicable heat dissipation strategies. Furthermore, a user can inadvertently cause a serious heat condition simply by placing the laptop on a bed or similar surface. Cooling platforms are an excellent solution because they provide increased airflow and prevent blockage of bottom-oriented fans.

2. Portable Laptop Case

Most laptop damage occurs because a user drops the unit or bangs it into something. Laptops are meant to be portable, but with an industry emphasis on sleek, lightweight builds, they’re not usually impact resistant. Therefore, if you plan to use your laptop as a portable computer, then it is critical to invest in a case that will protect it in the event of a collision. Hard laptop cases, such as those available at Allcases, are particularly effective.

3. Laptop Cleaning Kit

The electromagnetic field that your laptop generates attracts dust, which is why it never stops accumulating. Dust is unsightly and unclean, but it is also a significant danger. Dust will finds its way into laptop crevices where it will build up and eventually cause reduced airflow and increased heat. To avoid this buildup, use a laptop cleaning kit and a can of compressed air on a regular basis.

4. Extra Batteries

Heat is also the leading cause of battery failure. Normal usage of a battery generates heat, but it is the constant usage that creates the residual heat that causes the long-term damage. To maximize battery life, purchase enough additional batteries so that you only have to use and recharge each battery once per day.

5. Universal Laptop Adapter

Purchase a laptop adapter that allows you to access any kind of power source. The more versatile it is the better. On average, running a laptop from AC power is about 20 percent more efficient than running it from the battery. That means less heat for the battery and the laptop, and it means less recharge wear and tear on the battery. It is still a good idea to change your battery out after four hours or so to allow for cool down.


Following these steps consistently will allow you to maximize your laptop’s lifespan. When a laptop is well maintained, it is not unusual for it to last beyond the point of obsoletion.

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