London’s Most Historic Buildings

Theatre in the English capital city of London is amongst the largest theatre communities in the world and is home to some of the best musicals and plays in the world. Becoming popular with the British upper classes in the latter half of the 19th century the construction of a large number of theatres took place during this period.

Theatre Royal Drury LaneTheatre’s in London date back to 1663 when the Theatre Royal Drury Lane was opened. In 1794, the Lyceum Theatre, also known as the English Opera House opened, the Theatre was rebuilt in 1834 and remains open to the present day. The Lyceum Theatre is home to some of the largest theatre productions in London; tickets for shows are available at individual theatres or from ticket booth’s located around London’s theatre land.

The number of theatre’s in use in London’s west end is so large that a small area has become known as theatre land. A small number of streets bordered by The Strand, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Kingsway are the site of over 40 privately owned theatres. Many of the theatre’s in London are protected under preservation rules in the U.K., meaning their façade’s and interiors cannot be altered from their original states.

Shaftesbury Avenue is known as the heart of London Theatre Land because it is home to a large number of the most successful theatres in the historic city. Tickets are usually available for most west end shows up to the day of a performance; historic London theatre’s including the London Palladium and the Palace Theatre are a must visit for theatre lovers from around the world.

Oxford StreetTaking in the historic theatre buildings of London would not be complete without taking in a performance and a tour in the reproduction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Located on London’s South bank of the River Thames the theatre is as close a reproduction of the original Globe Theatre that housed Shakespeare’s acting company. A museum is located beneath the theatre, which was reproduced using written reports and landscape drawings from the 16th century.

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