Magento Navigation

The story of Magento began way back in 2007 and its rise to popularity and fame has been remarkable. Today this software solution ranks among the top as far as ecommerce sites are concerned. In the developer community, Magento is preferred over most other ecommerce platforms because it offers immense flexibility, lots of features and pricing that suits even the small businesses. The company has passed the 4 million mark as far as downloads are concerned. This is an open source software and has changed the face of many ecommerce companies. For a business that needs to have an online shopping presence in order to enhance business, Magento is a good choice indeed.

Magento has a Community Edition as well which has been going through constant evolution and enhancements. Today, this software solution is loaded with many features that helps website developers and owners enjoy a great deal of flexibility and presence in the cyber world. There is a lot more development that can take place with the help of the Magento ecommerce solution. Among other benefits, Magento offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Range of services
  • Excellent support from the company

One of the industry partners that have helped drive Magento to greater adoption is GoMage. One of the extensions that works with Magento is the GoMage Advanced Navigation. Today it is available in Version 3.0 and comes in Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions. Essentially, the product works by enhancing the look and feel of navigation in the website that is powered by Magento. A customer can get to whatever he is looking for in very little time. Customers can filter out unneeded details and get to the details that he wants. This is possible with the Ajax filter integration capability of Magento. One of the biggest aspects of this software solution is its ability to refresh selected data so the customer does not have to wait for the full page to get refreshed.

Magento has used the efforts of the Community ecosystem to fuel its growth and the diversity that this ecommerce platform offers is the best in class indeed. The Magento navigation and partners like GoMage means that the website can be designed in a manner which offers versatile services. Magento can meet requirements of shopping cart, a simple website and cater to large ecommerce websites which have more than one store and more than one product or service as well. Since no business is created equal, Magento also offers the ability for each business to customize the website to take care of its specific needs. For instance, the client can add discounts and offer coupons to his website.

Magento can also enable multiple shipping addresses and payment portals. The website can also be protected with username and passwords. The easy navigation also means that customers can and will come back for more. Products can be categorized easily and the account histories of shoppers can be maintained and preserved as well. Web based applications is another area which can be worked upon by developers using the Magento platform.


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