Marine Lawyer: Begin Your Career

A marine lawyer is one of the several types of lawyers, who is involved in extending legal assistance to clients involving seamen injured in sea, passengers’ ferry injuries, injuries during falls and slips etc. People getting injured in maritime transactions do not fall under the laws of workers compensation; instead maritime laws cover such injuries and decide compensation for the injured. Hence, marine lawyer represents his injured clients and seeks valid compensation for them. Such injuries are investigated by the officials under the general and federal maritime laws.

Like other types of lawyers, marine lawyers too represent their clients and provide them legal assistance. General responsibilities of a maritime lawyer are to provide legal advice, extend legal services such as preparing claims documents, filing lawsuit to challenge the compensation amount, provide assistance to injured in getting medical services, negotiate with insurance companies to get the best possible claim for his clients, and so on. To be able to seek a legal career in maritime laws, you will have to follow a regime as follows:

• Finish your high school studies, and seek admission to a four year undergraduate program through a college or university. During your bachelor’s program, you need to be focused on your ultimate goal of law school graduation and hence, participate in activities that explore your chances to seek admission to a reputed law school.

Excel in your writing and communication skills, learn researching and analytical skills, and participate in debating competitions to enhance your arguing skills. All such extra curricular activities will prepare you as a complete package for law school.

• During your graduation, major in a subject that is related to marine laws. Although, a major in any subject can apply for law school offering marine law courses, doing your major in subjects such as marine biology will have better prospects to seek admission to marine law school.

• After earning bachelor’s degree, the next important step towards pursuing marine law is to take and pass LSAT (law school admission test). This test evaluates general aptitude, verbal reasoning skills and communication skills of a person to evaluate eligibility for a law school. Securing good grades, around 150 and more on a scale of 180, can make your admission to law school easy.

• Decide selective law schools, where you would like to pursue marine laws. Research about the admission procedures of all those colleges. Send your application forms along with the required documents such as resume, letter of motivation, recommendation letters from high school teachers, LSAT scores, and all other documents required by a particular law school.

• Enroll into the law school and study the basics of a legal system in the first year. In the progressing years, select courses that are related to marine laws and score good grades throughout your law school curriculum. During your second and third year seek internships at the law school or any other law firm specialized in marine laws. Such internships will give you a good idea about the practical legal world related to maritime laws.

• After you graduate from law school, take state bar examination and obtain the license to start legal practice in the marine laws arena.

If you are aspiring to extend legal services to clients seeking services under marine laws, you have to finish law school with specialization in marine laws. As a final step towards starting your career as marine lawyer, take a bar examination of the state and receive license that allows you to begin your legal practice.

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