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29 Oct

Currently the new android operating system has become word on the street. It goes without saying that if you do not have a gadget that has android you definitely feel out of place. Truly this operating system offers you so much that you never want to part ways with your gadget. Additionally, the operating system is continuously undergoing transition to make it more fun to use. More to that, most of the mobile phone manufacturers are opting for this operating system in a bid to meet the expectations of their customers.

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What to look for before purchasing the Smartphone?

However, with the many mobile phone manufacturers who are preferring android as the operating system, you might consider putting some few factors into consideration to settle for the phone that will meet your requirements. Some of the factors to consider include:
• Price of the phone
The prices of these phones will vary depending on the brand. This calls for you to go for the brand which you can afford without having to dig deeper into your pockets. After all doesn’t the operating system serve the same purpose?
• Version of android system installed
the operating system has continuously evolved leading to the creation of other android versions which work differently. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the version of the android operating system that will meet your requirements to give the satisfactory results.

Advantages of using android smartphones
The high number of people who are using android smartphones is enough proof of the many benefits that are accrued to owning such a phone.

Some of the advantages include:
• Allows you to install numerous applications. These applications make the phone worth spending the money and time on the phone.
• Gives you full value for your money. The things that you can do with a Smartphone are simply amazing and you cannot complain about anything. In simple terms android phones are worth what they go for.
• State of the art technology. These smartphones are built using the latest technology to ensure you have that awesome experience when using the phone. The android Smartphone is the perfect definition of modern technology.

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What are the available types of android operating system?

This is a question that must be on the minds of the most of you. There are various versions for you to choose which start from the oldest to the newest. Some of the available android versions include:
Choose from. Some of the available versions include:
• This refers to android 1.5
• Android 1.6

• Android 2.0
• Android 2.1
Frozen yoghurt (froyo)
• Android 2.2
Ginger bread
• Android 2.3

Honey comb
• Android 3.0
• Android 3.1
• Android 3.2
Ice cream sandwich
• Android 4.0
Jelly bean
• Android 4.1
• Android 4.2
• Android 4.3
• The newest android operating system 4.4
You surely are now spoilt for choice, aren’t you? According to sky helpline, it is now crystal clear that android operating system has hit the benchmark of technology and by the look of things, there is more to come. There are simply amazing things that one can do with the Android phones. In essence, most of the thing that were only possible with a PC can now be effectively achieved using these phones. There are many capabilities and features to enjoy.

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