PDF to Word Converter Online – How to convert pdf to word ?

Lots of my friends are facing problem to convert their pdf files to words, so they searched lots of things online and found out lots of software’s and online websites which convert pdf to word. But when they start using the free software’s for converting pdf to word they found that the website name is coming in each page and they are getting irritated by this, some of my friends also tried to use “pdf to word converter online” but there also they face same lot of problem the converter is taking too much time and after that also it is not working properly and the end result that they are feeling disgusted. There are lots of paid software are available but they want something free.

So, my friend’s requirement was:
1) It should be free
2) It should be easy to use

So my friends started to ask me this question Sanjeeb do you know any best software or any online pdf to word converting website where I can convert my pdf documents to word easily and should be hassle free. As I am also facing the same problem so I searched a lot and at last one of my colleagues help me out. He told me about a pdf to word converter online website where it is very easy to convert pdf to word and it’s free.

PDF to Word Converter Online – www.zamzar.com

Zamzar is very easy to use and it’s free if your file consists of 100mb more than 100mb is chargeable. So how we should use zamzar for converting pdf to word here is the processes:

Step 1: Go to www.zamzar.com
Step 2: Select the file or URL you want o convert

Step 3: Choose the format you want to convert it to (starting from image format, video format or any other format available)
Step 4: Enter your email address to receive converted files
Step 5: Click on the convert button

Within 5 minutes you will get the the pdf document converted into word format or any other format you want come to your inbox but please note that sometimes the document also goes to SPAM, so within 5 minutes if it doesn’t reach to your inbox so do remember to check it in your SPAM folder.

Hope my friends and others will found this article useful and please do share your thoughts how it helped you

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Zarfishan Zahid
Zarfishan Zahid

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