Precautions to Follow After a Face Lift Surgery

Face lifts are becoming ever more common and popular among many people worldwide. A face lift procedure is a type of plastic surgery that is done in order for the patient to attempt to slow down, or possibly stop, the effects of aging on facial skin.

As common and as safe as a procedure as a face lift is there are still some safety precautions that should be followed after the surgery is complete.

Face Lift Surgery One of the very first post-face lift surgery precautions that all patients should take is to bandage their face. Bandages should not be removed immediately following the cosmetic surgery. Usually the surgeon who performed the cosmetic surgery is responsible for removing or dressing the bandages immediately after surgery. However, the responsibility of continued usage, application, and re-application of bandages to the face will ultimately fall on the patient. Bandages serve to keep any bleeding to a minimum, as well as, they help prevent the formation of hematomas and irregular facial skin formations.

Directly after receiving a face lift surgery patients are encouraged to recuperate in a waiting room type area of the doctor’s office. It is very important that a patient recovering from a cosmetic surgery such as a face lift gets plenty of rest and recuperation time. Many patients will attempt to shorten or skip the recuperation time all together following a face lift surgery. This behaviour is inadvisable; a patient receiving a face lift cosmetic surgery needs to slowly become conscious after surgery.

In the weeks following a face lift the patient can expect some discomfort and some swelling areas in the face. This is absolutely normal and is nothing to be overly alarmed about.

It is important to remember that with a face lift cosmetic surgery the patient will have stitches. More and more surgeons and physicians are now utilising stitches that dissipate naturally and do not require to be taken out manually. However, some doctors do prefer to use stitches that must be taken out. The process of removing the stitches from a face lift occurs in about one week’s time following the procedure.

Bruising will occur in weeks following a face lift but this is very normal. Patients should not perform any physically strenuous activities or swim, and should wear minimal make-up as not to hinder the healing process. It is also advisable to reduce going out in sun, in other words UV light exposure until completely healed.

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