Seven Frugality Tips that will Help You Save When Traveling

Money is an important aspect to consider while deciding where to travel, be it alone, with friends or family. There are many opportunities for people to save on airfares, car rentals, and other travel related expenses by using available online tools to look for special deals. Here are seven frugality tips for you to save on travel.

1. Have a flexible itinerary:

Being flexible is a great way to substantially save by getting the best deals available. Check for deals based on flexible itineraries to save money and time. For example, certain airfares are lower for weekday travel as opposed to weekends. Using less crowded airports can also provide savings on airfares based on carriers and destination. You may even save money by traveling at earlier or later hours than other travelers since airfares are based on how booked a flight might be.

2. Search airfare deals online:

There are many online tools available to search for airfare deals online like Orbitz, Travelocity, and Kayak. Search on carrier’s websites for special deals too. Depending on the carrier, exclusive offers may only be available at their sites. By using a carrier website, transactions fees can be avoided for increased savings. If you are able to book a flight well in advance, cheaper airfares are often obtained.

3. Travel during low season:

Plan your travels for periods when most people are busy at work and other ventures. Check for low season and off peak schedules for hotels and flights, which reflect that low visitors are estimated. Depending on your travel destination, many great deals can be acquired since regions have different low seasons.

4. Search package deals:

Travelers that search for hotel rooms and flights can save more by booking a package for both services together. Getting a combined package for flight and hotels offer hot deals not available anywhere else. Check all-inclusive deals to control expenses further, which provide all services like drinks, meals, and entertainment as added benefits.

5. Buy groceries:

Depending on the travel plan chosen, food costs can be one of the highest expenses during travel. You can save a lot on food expenses by going to the local grocery store at the place of stay. Get snacks, beverages, and ready to eat meals as needed. Based on the number of travelers, hundreds of dollars can be saved on food expenses by buying groceries instead of eating at restaurants.

6. Get car rental promotions:

Check for rental deals based on the rental day and car type. Contact your credit card provider to know if your card covers rental car insurance options. Use both travel promotional and car rental sites to search for the best quotes available for your travel dates.

7. Know your discounts:

Several discounts are available for children, seniors, military personnel, students, and government employees. To know if you apply for any of these discounts, simply ask the respective travel agent or the service representative.

People can save on travel in many ways depending on the destination and time. Consider the market conditions and be flexible with your itinerary for substantial savings. By searching via online tools, a lot of money can be saved on car rentals, airfares, and food expenses. Determine the best way to travel without hurting your finances.

This article is provided courtesy of Credit Season UK, a consumer finance website providing information and tools on small personal loans and other personal credit services.

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