Seven Ways To Show Your Staff That They Rock

Everyone recognizes the value of a hard day’s work, but not many employees get shown appreciation. Validating your team is essential for establishing healthy, productive work relationships. Here are seven tips you can start using now to show your staff that they matter.

1. Remember That Employees Are People First

It’s easy to focus on the tasks of the day and forget about the human beings who are actually getting the job done. Recognizing that your staff has a genuine need to be acknowledged by you is the first step in showing them that they are important.

2. Smile and Make Eye Contact

We’re all naturally responsive to signals. We feel good about ourselves and the person greeting us when that person does so with a friendly smile. Establishing and maintaining eye contact during conversation shows that you are not only listening, but you see the staff member and are choosing to give him or her your undivided attention.

3. Acknowledge Your Staff’s Non-Corporate Lives

Your staff talk about more than business. If one of them tells you about his son’s upcoming soccer game, ask how it went the next time you get a chance. This shows that you place value on their overall life, not just the hours when they’re in the office.

4. Give Credit Often

If a staff member does well, make sure she gets the credit. Tell her in person and announce it in an email or Tweet so others can offer congratulations, too. Try tangible corporate rewards such as gift cards or trophies.

5. Be an Encourager

Some days are tougher than others. A simple “Keep up the good work” or “You’re doing great” can help lift a discouraged employee’s mood.

6. Create A Positive Environment

No one wants to work in a toxic environment. Don’t allow something that happened outside of work to put you in a sour mood with your staff. Likewise, resolve any tension with employees as it occurs instead of letting things build over time.

7. Offer Incentives To Do Well

People like being rewarded for their achievements. Invest in corporate rewards programs that will motivate your staff to put forth their best effort. Companies like O.C. Tanner specialize in sophisticated employee appreciation incentives to help you show your staff how valuable they are.

It takes time to build a staff of excellent employees. Utilize these seven tips and your team will never doubt that you hold them in high regard.

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