Shopping Apps For Android

Shopping is something that some people might enjoy to excess, while other might find it tedious and frustrating. Luckily a number of apps for Android mobile phones has been developed that will help both of those groups of people have a more enjoyable experience, and have to only deal with the aspects of shopping that they want to deal with.

Shopping Apps

Red Laser

This is a great on the spot price comparison app. It allows you to scan the QR code or barcode of the desired product with your Samsung Galaxy S, and get the prices of the same product from the rest of your local stores, or if you prefer it, from online stores. Naturally, if you don’t have access to a bar code you can use different parameters for the search, including photos of the product, or its name. The app also allows you to make shopping lists and is completely free.


This is a free app that is most suitable for finding certain products in your local retail stores. Its product database is enormous, and it is great at finding the product you need, checking its prices and availability in your vicinity. Once it has located the specific product, the app will also offer to give you directions to the store of your choosing. While it might lack some of the options of other, more complex apps, it is ideal for local shopping.


This is a perfect app for the fashion oriented shoppers. While it might be true that shopping for clothes can sometimes be as rewarding as the purchase itself, this app will allow you to find something you like much faster, while at the same time, offering you much more items to choose between. You are given the chance to have clothing items organized by designers, price, or some other parameter. You can also rotate the images of the items you are interested in, and see them from every possible angle. Once you have chosen an item, or compiled a wishlist, you can finalize the purchase with this app, and have the item delivered to your home.


This free app resembles a combination of a typical shopping app and a social network site. Basically it allows you to easily and quickly find a product that you like, determine its price, and then share your finding with your friends or family and get their opinion on the specific product. This will not only help you make better choices, but it will make online shopping emulate one of the most important aspects of traditional shopping – having fun with your friends.

Official Android eBay App

The name pretty much sums it up, this free app will allow you to use your Android phone to do just about everything on eBay that you can do on your PC. You can browse the categories in search of he needed product, or you can find it with a simple barcode scan. The app can notify you on shipment progress and new offers, and depending on the country you are living in, even allow you to directly pay for the product that you have ordered.

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