Soon to expect a 10 inch Nokia RT Tablet

Nokia is trying its level best to maintain its space in the news headlines and follow the same. The latest is its Windows Phone 8 which is still boiling well in the market and hasn’t received that higher expected response. And then comes the news that it has sold its headquarters to raise liquidity, and goes on the list.  But this one is bigger than these, as Nokia is this time planning to let its engineers work on a 10 inch RT tablet. The whole source of information are the patent pictures acquired, but this news isn’t an old version in the market as there had been rumours in last spring’s too that Nokia might be working on a Windows 8 tablet, but nothing such came up in the market. But this time DigiTimes has this time reported that Nokia is expected to come up with something for the market.

Nokia RT Tablet

DigiTime has always been a trustworthy source of information that’s why to take its words simply a babbler wouldn’t be a worthy option. Also as a matter of concern the site claims that manufacturing giant Compal is set to churn out an initial run of 200,000 Nokia tablets running Windows RT. But more than the size nothing has been still announced about the device, and how can I forget the fact that it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. And if you turn back to the past revealed devices then probably you may feel the actuality of my words, as Nokia chose Compal to build its first Windows Phone 7 devices, and its Lumia phones have leaned on the Snapdragon.

But I have a question here, that why isn’t Nokia collaborating with its familiar production entities instead of assimilating with the new ones when it has to bring up a new Lumia Windows RT Tablet on the market?

Nokia RT Tablet

I do rely on DigiTimes but I can’t quote its information to be core and vacuum enough. And I whole heartedly feel that the release can be secret but keeping the information about the plan wouldn’t be great. Also it has been reported that Stephen Elop He went on record last year as saying that there are “200 tablets on the market” and that Nokia didn’t want to simply be tablet number 201. Also it has invested well enough time in the fact that whatever Nokia offers needs to be categorized as “uniquely Nokia,” said Elop.

It’s strange to understand that what does this actually wished to convey? According to few Inductive charging and Pure-View imaging tech seem like good possibilities, as does that clever glove-on touch screen. I do respect his facts about the liquidity of Nokia but now the question is what comes in products? Another big deal is that if Nokia is planning a something too goal oriented then definitely I can rank it to be customer’s first choice. But this seems to be blurred if Nokia only aims at modest sales. And when it comes to Nokia, Lumia are the latest discussion, and with a compelling Lumia tablet to offer and a more mature Windows Store serving up apps, success is a definite possibility for the once-mighty mobile computing titan.

So for now we should be oriented to just one task and that is to sow better expectations and then let Nokia harvest the best for our expectations.

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10 inch Nokia RT Tablet

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