Tablet Cases That Will Protect Against Any 5 Year Old

Tablets are a wonderful tool for children, and it is amazing how quickly and fluidly children take to a touch-based computing environment. Tablets are also an expensive investment, and one of the greatest challenges facing parents who shop is how to protect that investment from abusive usage by kids. In that spirit, we consider five cases that can stand up against anything that a 5-year-old can dish out.

 Tablet Cases That Will Protect Against Any 5 Year Old

1. I-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series

The ArmorBox by I-Blason lives up to its name. Like many cases, it uses a two-layer approach; in this case, an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell protects a silicone inner sleeve. The series’ most distinguishing feature is a lightweight handle that allows the child to carry the device easily. The handle also serves as an adjustable base that you can use to sit the tablet upright.

2. Speck Products iGuy Series

The iGuy case by Speck is critically acclaimed, and it boasts the most unique style of any kid-oriented tablet case. Parents will love the arm-styled, easy-grip handles, which are perfect when sitting on the couch, but the ArmorBox handle is better if the little one moves around with the tablet. The iGuy also uses a flexible, foam-based construction, which is not quite as durable as polycarbonate-silicone but feels much more comfortable.

3. Gumdrop Drop Tech Series

The Drop Tech cases by Gumdrop are rugged enough for demanding work environments, and it will certainly stand up to your 5-year-old. Perhaps its best feature is the rubberized bumpers on the corners, which allow the case to hold up very well over time. Drop Tech is a serious case and a bit more expensive than the earlier options, but it’s a kid-proof case that doesn’t look like one.

4. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox is one of the most recognized names in the industry, and the brand’s tablet cases are very durable and able to withstand abuse from a child. There is, of course, a premium for the OtterBox name, and the Drop Tech series is a wonderful alternative. However, if you’re willing to pay the premium, you simply can’t do better than an OtterBox Defender case.

5. Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Series

The Kid-Tough series includes cases for digital cameras, handheld game systems, smartphones and tablets. The tablet case is quite nice, includes a built-in screen protector and feels like an ArmorBox knock-off minus the handle; that’s not a bad thing, and the Kid-Tough series’ lower sticker price tends to make more sense when protecting economy tablet models.

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