The Yuppie’s Guide To Planning Overseas Travel Without The Help Of Travel Agencies

Young professionals traveling all around the world for business or leisure need help at least in terms of preparing for every trip. It would not be so easy to find the most affordable flight, cruise, accommodation, car rental, and more. However, it would also be challenging for you to do these things without relying so much on travel agencies. You can even save more if you do it all on your own.

Booking Cheap Airline Tickets

The best way to look for affordable international airline tickets is to use the Internet. You can easily compare the prices offered by various travel sites. There are even sites that specialize only on selling cheap airline tickets. You can save more if you book online rather than with a travel agency. It would also be better if you can find a shorter, direct flight because this is cheaper than traveling in connecting flights. Off season airline tickets are also lower in prices and discount deals are more common during this time. You may also find such deals on local magazines, TV commercials, fliers, or newspapers.

Travel Documents

The most important travel documents that should not leave your sight are your passport, visa, and international driver’s license. These documents are needed whether you are traveling abroad for business or pleasure. Here are some tips on how you can get them:

ü  Passport. There are countries that would look for your passport to prove your nationality. You can get one from your local post office given that you are 16 years or older. It is also needed when you apply for visa and when meeting the INS as part of your employment requirement.

ü  Visa. This is a very important document that proves that you are allowed to visit the foreign country. You can get it from the destination country’s consulate or embassy. You should never lose it otherwise you will run into a lot of problems.

ü  Driver’s license. This is necessary if you want to rent a car.

Mobile Apps

If you are globe-trotting for work, you would benefit a lot from using the following apps:

ü  TripIt. This is a travel organizer app that can get the confirmation numbers that you need for your flight, hotel or dinner reservation. You don’t need to go through your inbox to find these numbers so you can avoid problems during the trip. If there are changes in the flight or any of your bookings, you will receive updates instantly.

ü  Photosynth. If you are traveling for both business and pleasure, you can capture the moments and make panoramic images that you can send to your family and friends. It would allow them to have a better look at the places that you have visited.

ü  FlightAware. This allows you to get updates for gate changes, flight cancellations or flight delays.

ü  Urbanspoon. You can locate restaurants around the area that you are staying using this app. It uses GPS to do its job though this is only limited around the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

ü  Kayak. This allows you to look for flights, hotels, and even car rentals using your iPhone. You can even monitor convert currency, find local attractions, and search for active tours in the place.

It would be fun to travel abroad, but the planning can be really demanding. However, these tips can hopefully make your planning go smoothly.


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